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If You Are Zimbabwean … Please Read This !!

Zimbabweans are the most cruel and pathetic individuals on the continent, most of them. I am a Zimbabwean, born and raised in the dusty str...

Zimbabweans are the most cruel and pathetic individuals on the continent, most of them. I am a Zimbabwean, born and raised in the dusty streets of Machipisa, Harare. I speak for myself and believe you me I am also on the list. You see most Zimbabweans are just as arrogant, cruel and pathetic as Robert Mugabe and his crew.

Did you know that 2 out of 10 kids in Zimbabwe are HIV positive? Did you know that out of 1200 kids in one primary school more than 300 are orphans? Did you know kuti out of 10 families 3 are being managed by anambuya. Grannies who are not working, Grannies who are not even on pension. Grannies who lost their children and are now taking care of their grandchildren. They are not even taking care of the kids, they are just looking after them. Nzara dzega dzega.

By Mr BhudhiI was shocked today to see a 6 year old girl taking care of her 2 year old brother in some newly erected slums close to Mukuvisi river. Imagine in a school with 1200 kids, 900 have been chased away because of $5! The headmaster even went to an extent of reducing the school fees to $2 dollars but still all the 900 kids are still at home just playing with bricks and zvikweshe.

The buzz is only in the cbd and other few townships. In rural areas 90% of kids are out of school. No money for school fees. Vamwe vakafa kungoiswa mugumbese and get buried without a coffin. In these rural areas old people are taking care of your kids while you roam the streets of Johannesburg and Maputo. Did you know that the Musina border processes more than 30 dead Zimbabweans daily???? Now lets talk of Mozambique, UK and the other countries…

If You Are Zimbabwean … Please Read This !!
In these rural areas a few headmasters have even reduced the school fees to $1 ! $1 and still orphans are still being chased for such a small fee. As a Zimbabwean in Diaspora how much is your daily lunch? How much do you spend on weekend with friends? How many pairs of shoes do you have? How much do you spend on data bundles and airtime per week?

I know it’s your money but does it hurt just for you to sponsor $20 to a random kid back in Zimbabwe? Just one kid! We all know what is happening in Zimbabwe, let’s put ZANU PF aside. Lets forget about politics for minute. How would you feel that there are kids in Zimbabwe who haven’t eaten in 6 days? You might say they are not your kids but if you cannot see pain in a random child who is homeless and hungry then you don’t deserve to be a parent.

When was the last time you visited your old school, be primary or secondary school and just donate “a box of chalk” not a chair or table but just “a box of chalk”. They say people died of cholera, I was told today vanhu vakafa nenzara, they died of starvation. Another Granny cooked a last meal and poisoned her entire family of orphans. Zimbabweans we are so heartless and tiri mhat# chaidzo, especially we who are based in the Diaspora.

I am out of words and flabbergasted with how kids are living in townships and rural areas, Vana chaivo, 9 year old girls picking bones to go and sell just to take care of their old sick granny. Mwana ane 4 years kubatidza moto kuti abikire ambuya sadza without relish. Just pap and water. Some war vets are even using some other kids to to help them farm just for a plate of food.

As a parent of two kids in the Diaspora, zvandaona nhasi will never be forgotten. I actually had to park my car by the roadside and cried, I weeped. How can it be? How can a child spend 1 year without bathing with soap? How can a child spend a weeks eating sadza without usavi for weeks.

In the Diaspora my kids have weekends out at kfc or Nandos or steers, they leave half eaten plates of food. Our kids all do these things but in his day and age to find a child in rural Zimbabwe who have never seen a tv, fridge, microwave, projector or even a stereo?

We have Sir Wicknell, Chiyangwa, Ginimbi, Olinda, Pokello and lots of people but as Zimbabweans we are wicked to the core. We have lots of guys and sisters pa UK and South Africa who are making it big. Varoyi can never compete with us. We brag and show off our hot wheels, cribs and accessories while there is one child in rural domboshava who is suffering.

I am not worthy of being called a ZIMBABWEAN and you’re also not worthy too. I can never carry a Zimbabwean flag right now. As Zimbabweans we pretend to be rich on facebook and instagram. We pose on hired cars and hotel rooms. We spend money on expensive wines and luxurious getaways and we have turned back on our orphans. Ndiani manje acha chengeta vana?

These kids have lost hope to live, some have lost the hope of having a dream. We have pastors who drive expensive cars and designer clothes. They take our tithe and offerings and buy exotic cars, they never plant a seed back in Zimbabwe. They only plant if they want pictures for other charity campaigns. We have lost our souls without knowing. How many Zimbabweans are in diaspora? More than 4 million, Just Imagine if we all can adopt just 1 child back home and cover their school fees especially in the rural areas.

All it takes is to pick up a phone and call your former school. Ask to do a remote adoption and pay school fees for just 1 random child. Just $5 4 Pounds or R100. The guardian angel from heaven will bless your hand. Don’t waste time, USAID iri kuzama kuvapa chibage but they are eating maize meal with nothing.

I was raised by USAID, MASHAMBA NZOU. They paid my fees and now I am in the Diaspora. I am so ashamed that I have forgotten where I have come from. But today that will change, I will adopt a random kid from my primary school and pay their fees. Lets work! Ndatenda hangu. Mr Bhaudhi
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