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‘Satan Made Us Famous And We Owe Him Our Worship’- These Celebrities Reveal They Are Satan’s!!

It’s not going to be easy for this new generation that want to banish religion in this atmosphere of religious intolerance. Why? Because th...

It’s not going to be easy for this new generation that want to banish religion in this atmosphere of religious intolerance. Why? Because there isn’t one but TWO major religions operating at world-level right now. One – God. Other – Satan.

Here are 9 celebrities, who are part of the Illuminati (yes, there exists one outside Dan Brown novels) and who worship Satan:

1. Jay Z: The Illuminati is a title given to a secret elite group that many believe rule the world and practice satanic worship. Hollywood is its biggest puppet. A reported Prince Hall Freemason and open Aleister Crowley supporter, Jay Z has talked about this before. His satanic lyrics, demonic imagery in videos like ‘On to the Next One’ and occult symbols on his clothing and jewellery is something that cannot be ignored. In his single ‘Empire State of Mind,’ Jay Z raps – Jesus can’t save you, life starts when the church ends.”

2. Rihanna: She is the one “serving Satan” and she wore the “Princess of the Illuminati” tag for a long time. Rihanna was signed to Def Jam by Jay Z when she was 16 years old and ever since she has been under his influence. Her transformation has been unbelievable. Her dark image, complete with public nudity, gun tattoo, over-sexualized performances and videos with occult symbols cannot be ignored. The lyrics for her hit ‘Disturbia’ describes demonic possession. After her song “Russian Roulette’ was released, she was slammed for glamorizing suicide by people from her own industry and was written off for falling prey to the trap of devil worship, just like her other ‘successful’ contemporaries.

3. Madonna: Madonna has been the Illuminati queen for a good long time, in the industry, she’s well known as the “servant of the devil”. The pop icon’s live shows and videos contain occult symbols and she is often part of controversial performances with younger new generation pop stars. She kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera onstage during the 2003 MTV Music Awards in what was later described as a satanic initiation ritual. Her videos, from ‘Like A Prayer’ and her performances have demonic overtones, which mock religion. Madonna’s paganistic 2012 Superbowl performance continued to cause controversy, including a Baphomet costume and duet with Nicki Minaj. Madonna has openly claimed to practice Kabbalah, which many believe is a Hollywood cult.

4. Barack Obama: The ex president of the United States is the only Illuminati celebrity on this list that is not directly involved in the music industry. The high expense involved in Presidential elections ensures that only candidates who have been thoroughly vetted by the Illuminati, reach the top spot in the land.
Barack Obama
5. Lady Gaga: She has been quite the Satan’s favourite. The pop star was accused of performing a satanic ritual at the London’s Intercontinental Hotel, where she left a bathtub full of blood. Gaga even casually referenced Lucifer during her appearance on ‘The Jimmy Kimmel Show’.

She was slammed after a SXSW show where she hired a performance artiste to vomit on her while singing. Critics called the performance “sick” and “disturbing”. Gaga regularly incorporates blood, fire and nudity into her live performances.
Lady Gaga
6. Nicki Minaj: Mariah Carey has referred to her former American Idol co-star, Nicki Minaj, as “Satan”. The pop idol’s photo shoots, videos and live performances contain Satanic imagery. Minaj was accused of performing a satanic ritual during her 2012 Grammy performance of “Roman Holiday,” which had fire, levitation, a choir, a priest and sex slaves in the mock exorcism. The performance was called one of the most satanic performances ever televised.
Nicki Minaj
7. Beyonce: Her once kid-friendly pop image as part of ‘Destiny’s Child’ has long been replaced by an over- sexualized one. Her single ‘Drunk in Love’ introduced her latest alter ego, Yonce, who is overly sexual than her former alter ego Sasha Fierce. In the video, Yonce acts as a madam and appears in lingerie during scenes where she is licked by a model and licks herself. Beyonce and Jay Z’s erotic Grammy performance of the single was called an overt promotion of sex magic. Some fans believe Beyonce practises witchcraft also.
8. Pope Francis: It’s an endless list. The music industry is drowning in it. What realities will you close your eyes to?
Pope Francis
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