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Pokello Nare -- Is She An African Socialite Or Highly Paid Prostitute? CHECK THESE ONES

Name: Vera Sidiki Country: Kenya Profession: Socialite Vera Sidiki What is a Socialite? So before we dive into learning how to be a...

Name: Vera Sidiki
Country: Kenya
Profession: Socialite
Vera Sidiki
What is a Socialite? So before we dive into learning how to be a socialite, we first try to define ‘what is a socialite.

A socialite is a person who is known to be part of fashionable high society because of their regular participation in social activities.

A socialite’s life consists of a person fond of spending a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained.

While it is true, some socialites choose to use their social skills and connections to raise funds for various charitable or philanthropic activities.

Socialites usually appear in society pages, society magazines and they also tend to be wealthy.

How To Become A Socialite
– Create a suitable background for yourself.If you already come from a dirty rich family, consider yourself lucky in this regard.

– Get the right education.Preparation for becoming a socialite begins in middle school. Of course, it is possible to become a socialite even if you weren’t brilliant in middle and high school and didn’t attend prestigious colleges, but it’s much harder.

– Get an extremely well-paying job.In theory, it is quite easy: establish a business and make it grow.Strive to be the best in your field; try to meet some famous people working in your field and learn their secrets. Start small; you won’t be extremely successful by the beginning of your career.

– Learn how to promote yourself.Make a website for yourself or your company, make some business cards, convince some related brands to empower you, advertise yourself or your company in some newspapers or magazines.

– Find someone very rich to marry.Yes, you can become a socialite by marrying the right person, without having to work for all that fortune yourself. You can then use your spouse’s money to get a good start.

How To Act As A Socialite
– Choose a good name.Make sure it sounds extremely WASP-y, uncommon and maybe foreign. Don’t go for already “taken” last names such as Vanderbilt, because people know the Vanderbilts and will eventually figure you out.

– Become interested in expensive stuff.Know all the big names in everything: fashion, art, crafts, cuisine, sports etc. In the socialites’ world, when someone mentions a name, everybody is expected to know it. Also be able to pronounce all those foreign names properly. You may want to start reading some specialty magazines.

– Break the nouveau riche stereotype.“Nouveau riche” is an often derogatory term used to describe the upper class people who don’t come from a wealthy family and achieved their fortune through work, not heritage.You may get looked down upon just for the fact that previous generations in your family were not wealthy.

– Be sophisticated.Refinement is the quality that separates ditsy celebrities from the true elite; lack of sophistication is a crime in the socialite world.

– Travel a lot.There are some travel destinations you may not miss as a socialite.Take the time to visit all the important places where ever you visit and yes take plenty of pictures and videos.

– Be generous.The number one thing that you must do if you want to be a socialite is give. Yes, and you should have a few charities under your belt. The great thing about this part is that you can give whatever whatever amount you want, be it $30 or $20,000.

– Socialize.After all, that’s what being a socialite is all about.Make friends wherever you go.Whether you’re at the local supermarket or at a posh event, you meet a lot of new people every day. Be friendly, appear interested in the person you’re talking to, exchange phone numbers. But don’t worry too much about establishing a genuine, lasting friendship with all those people. Keep your circle of close friends small, but establish superficial relationships with as many people as you can, you never know when you might need them.Remember, it’s all about building a well-rounded social network; many of the “friendships” you’ll establish will be for the sole purpose of gaining some advantages.

S Milla
Country: Kenya
Profession: Socialite

Name: Zari Hassan
Country: Uganda
Profession: Socialite

Name: Hajia
Country: Ghana
Profession: Socialite

In the West African country of Ghana, socialites, up and coming actresses and models are showing off their god given curves and amassing sizeable Instagram followings that span continents. But although these women have jaw-dropping figures, they are controversial in Ghana, with some expressing discomfort at the unabashed sexuality of their postings.

Moesha Boduong, who studied theatre arts at The University of Ghana, responds to the criticism she has received by explaining that her body is “art” and she is not ashamed to show it off.

“It is not as if I do those poses or wear dresses to bring my curves out intentionally, the truth is that, there is nothing I can do about it. I can’t hide these curves and if you can’t hide something, the best thing to do is to appreciate and flaunt it just as the Bible says that everything God created is beautiful.”

And these women are beautiful indeed, making it clear that Africa is truly the birthplace of voluptuous women.

Name: Corazon Kwamboka
Country: Kenya
Profession: Socialite

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new profession that is rivaling medicine, law, engineering and any other previously thought hot vocation.

No, it’s not being a musician, a deejay, radio/television presenter or the like, but it’s in fact in an entertainment sub genre – being a socialite.

But to succeed in this industry, first you have to lose your conscience, forget all the things your mother taught you growing up and Sunday school teachings too. It’s a profession that requires losing ones self.

Firstly, When starting out as an Instagram model (it had to sound professional/business like, so a name was crafted) requires lots of nude photo posting.

Ask any socialite who has made it the social media, case in point Corazon Kwamboka, who has definitely established herself as one of the hottest socialites in the country today.

But before you rush to open an IG account on your way to internet riches, have a look at yourself in the mirror first, then decide if you have something extraordinary to offer the world.

Kwamboka who ditched a career in law to become a socialite for example, possesses one of the biggest behinds in this side of the Sahara.

Curvy and all, Corazon has never been shy of showing off what her mamma gave her – monster thighs and a perfectly thick demeanor.

Name: Agness Masogange
Country: Tanzania
Profession: Socialite
Agness Masogange
Masogange is the socialite with the fattest ass in East Africa. She has had several sponsors lowkey and is rumored to have been banged by Nigerian singer Davido. However, it’s only recently when she started posting photos of her boyfriend; a rich dude, who leads a flashy life.

He takes her to South Africa, buys her expensive sh*t and pampers her like a kid.

The girl has been giving no f*cks about what her fans feel about her new man. So for team mafisi, this is like party over.

Huddah Monroe
Country:  East Africa
Profession: Socialite
Huddah Monroe
Apart from the real estate business that she claims she’s into, she has now shared an evidence of her other business; growing and selling tomatoes. Her business is on a large scale, and she sells her products mostly to restaurants and market places.

Huddah Monroe was born in 10th October, 1991 in Eastleigh Nairobi Kenya. She was brought up in Huruma Estate. Her real name is Alhuda Njoroge.

She is a Kenyan socialite who ekes her living in modelling, curtain raising events, products promotions and personal business.

Huddah Monroe rose to fame in 2014 after she clinched the coveted slot of representing Kenya in the Big Brother Africa – BBA reality show in South Africa.

Huddah Monroe Education Background: Huddah Monroe went to Kajiado Hills Girls Academy. She also attended several other schools after she was expelled from one school due to truancy and delinquency.

After high school, she ventured out into freelance modelling, computer studies and did a diploma in programming.

Huddah Monroe Job History: Huddah Monroe first worked as a secretary for an architecture company immediately after high school at age 16. Due to lack of professional qualifications she was fired by her boss.Being a beautiful lady, she later got connected to Calif Records and she featured in several music videos. She later modeled for several commercials and earned handsome amounts of money which she invested in debentures for an oil venture and earned some extra income.
Being in the limelight she was pushed by twitter fans to join BBA and she made it in BBA.

Huddah Monroe Life History: Huddah Monroe was born from a Somali father and a Kikuyu mother. Her biological father died when she was still very young. Later on her mother remarried.

In the new family Huddah faced harsh upbringing at her home with lots of domestic conflicts. This made her to run away from home when she was still a young child. She couldn’t take it any more. She used to live with her four stepbrothers, and a stepfather who were not so good to her.

The harsh realities she faced in her life made her to develop a tough skin and unapologetic nature. This got herself titled “The Boss Lady”

Huddah Monroe says her nude photos are not meant to provoke the public, but for commercials, they are done professionally.

Huddah has a tattoo inscribed in french as a flower rebel. Huddah Monroe is one of the Kenyan socialites who have massive following from the Kenyan Youths . Huddah , together with Vera Sidika, have contributed in incorporating the western culture among the youths. Her popularity shot up when she participated in the Big Brother Africa event in South Africa. Even though she did not emerge the winner, she managed to gain fame not only among Kenyans but also several youths across the world.

Huddah Monroe confessed that she once abused drugs. She claimed that her loss of weight was due to the rehab that she was undergoing. She mentioned this in response to one of the claims that she was HIV positive. She explained that she is HIV negative and that the weight loss that bothered many had nothing to do with her health.

Huddah Monroe says she was bisexual. “I used to do all this things when I was naive and a girl who didn’t know what she needs in her life. But now I’m focused and I want to focus in me so all these things I have put them aside.” Huddah Monroe says.

Huddah Monroe and CMB Prezzo: Huddah Monroe says Prezzo is not only a close friend but also her mentor. They bumped on each other on the streets of Nairobi and a chemistry began.

Huddah used to live in the same house with CMB Prezzo. This was after Huddah ran into problems with her Landlord over regular increase in her house rent. Although she claims that they slept on separate bedrooms, questions on how this can be possible were always arising. But to the public it is knows they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

According to Huddah Monroe, they started parting ways after CMB Prezzo started talking ill about her in public. They had a bitter spat in the social media and blogs and they parted ways. They no longer see each other eye to eye.

Huddah Monroe Wealth, Net worth, Business: Apart from being a socialite, Huddah doubles up as an entrepreneur. She owns her own clothing line called Huddah By Vazzi where she stocks assorted fashion items.

Now, she’s just landed herself a deal as a brand ambassador for a beauty product dubbed BrightenMi. According to the beauty company, Huddah Monroe was chosen because “she understands the importance of having great skin.”

Huddah Monroe Controversial social media posts: Huddah Monroe advised persons she calls her haters and who are alleging that she is sleeping with men to make money to do same.

Huddah Monroel took to photo sharing site Instagram to vent her anger at persons, especially women, whom she said are passing judgment on her for lavish lifestyle.

According to her, she finds it difficult to come to terms with women putting her life under the radar and making wild allegations about her.

“Honestly, I don’t understand why women have to be the ones hating all the damn time. If you think my vagina is giving me the life I live then why don’t u use your vagina too to get a life instead of hating?” Huddah Monroe posted.

In another post Huddah Monroe says, “Today I feel like addressing some peasants here… Yah! We all know that gossip! Huddah has NO house, NO car, No man LOOOL! I don’t understand why bi**es (you know urselves) who think they have made it in life still follow a broke person’s life! Where I come from, a rich person is never bothered by a poor person’s life! But since you know u ain’t any better you have a small mind with a negative bank account that discuss people LOOL! Let a broke ni**a be and mind your own “Rich” lifestyles h**s!”

Name: Judy Anyango
Country: Kenya
Profession: Socialite

Name: Tango Ncetezo
Country: South Africa
Profession: Socialite
Tango Ncetezo
Name: Lisa Visagie
Country: South Africa
Profession: Socialite
Lisa Visagie
Name: Pearl Thusi
Country: South Africa
Profession: Socialite

Pearl Thusi is a South African actress, radio disc jockey, model. Thusi previously co-hosted the SABC 1 celebrity gossip magazine show.She was in a relationship with famed sports presenter Walter Mokoena with who she had a daughter named Thandolwethu Mokoena.
Pearl Thusi
Pearl Thusi (born 13 May 1988) is the host of Lip Sync Battle Africa, broadcast on MTV Africa and (for the South African analogue tv audience) as well as Moments South Africa, broadcast on EbonyLife TV. She has starred on the SABC 3 popular soap opera, Isidingo, as Palesa Motaung, co-hosted Live AMP with DJ Warras and Luthando Shosha, the SABC 1 celebrity gossip magazine show, The Real Goboza, with Phat Joe and was later replaced with Amanda du-Pont and Sinazo Yolwa.

In 2015 she co-starred in Tremors 5: Bloodlines. She also appeared in a music video entitled “Pearl Thusi” by Emtee.

In 2016, Thusi was cast in a series regular role as Dayana Mampasi on the second season of the ABC thriller series Quantico.
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