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“I Am Tired Of My White Skin, It’s Making Me Broke” -- Ugandan Bad Girl Turned Pastor Laments!!

She’s been identified as Shanita Namuyimbwa, fondly called Bad Black, who was known to be an Ugandan socialite with a high spending habit u...

She’s been identified as Shanita Namuyimbwa, fondly called Bad Black, who was known to be an Ugandan socialite with a high spending habit until she was accused of fraud by her British boyfriend. 

She served jail time and came out a changed woman, in many ways. Emmanuel Luganda spoke to her.

Read her full interview below:

TELL US ABOUT YOUR CHURCH PROJECT? The church project is on and I am opening it soon. It is called World Healing International Ministry and is located in Bugolobi. It is near completion and I am inviting you to always attend my services.

DO YOU STILL OFFER COUNSELLING SERVICES AS YOU USED TO DO IN PRISON? Yes I do, once in a while, because I am very busy with other assignments. I mostly counsel party animals and celebrities, such as musicians. Those people have a lot more problems than the lay people.
Ugandan Bad Girl Turned Pastor Laments
YOU CLAIM TO BE A BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN, BUT I SAW YOU TAKING ALCOHOL RECENTLY. You see in this world there are many temptations, that is why I am also tempted to drink. Even Jesus, the son of God, was tempted, so who am I? Even the Bible says that do not rejoice my enemy for my fall, because my God will uplift me again. I know God forgives me because his mercy is new every day.

YOU SEEM TO HAVE NEGLECTED THE MUSIC CAREER YOU HAD STARTED. Yeah, I halted the project because I cannot continue investing in a business where I am registering losses. I used over sh40m on my Mudguard song, but someone could call me for a performance and offer me only sh2m. Anyway, I am shy and music was not my calling; I did it to remain in people’s faces.

WHICH MAN ARE YOU DATING? Currently, I am not dating any man, but I am in love with someone who I broke up with. I have failed to move on, I still love this guy. I have done everything, but he is still angry with me. Kindly pass on this information to him: I still need him back.

WHO IS THAT LUCKY GUY? You know him, he is a popular person. I want him to forgive me if I wronged him in any way. I have done everything, but he is still mad at me. I am planning to give him a car and a land title so that we can reconcile.

KIM SWAGGA OR MEDDIE SENTONGO? None of the two. Those are just friends with no strings attached.

Kim Swagga is my baby daddy and nothing else.

ARE YOU STILL IN TOUCH WITH DAVID GREENHALGH? Yes, that is my white man and we are still in touch. He still takes care of me.

DID YOU FORGIVE YOUR FRIENDS WHO DUMPED YOU WHEN YOU WERE IMPRISONED? You know, time heals. I forgave them because when you keep grudges with people even your prayers do not go through. They are no longer my friends, but I forgave them and created new ones.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR BEEF WITH SONG WRITER RAY SIGNATURE. First of all, Ray was a poor manager, though he is a talented songwriter. We agreed to end the contract, but what angered me was when I saw him on TV claiming that I was crushing on him, which is absolutely wrong. I am not that cheap to crush on that boy.

DO YOU EVER PLAN TO GET MARRIED? Yes. Actually, these days I am in the mood of being married. I am tired of these mediocre relationships and I have been heartbroken many times, so I want to settle. In fact, one time I entered a certain relationship to revenge, but that is what is making me cry up to now.

WHAT KIND OF MAN WOULD YOU WANT TO MARRY? I want to marry my ex-boyfriend. Although he is broke, I do not mind I will work for him.

HOW MUCH DO YOU SPEND ON YOUR LOOKS MONTHLY? I spend sh4m a month, because I change my hair every two weeks.

ANY EFFECT WITH THE NEW SKIN COLOUR? Not really. But I am tired of the white colour. I want to go back to my original black skin.

HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DO SO? I will stop getting the injections since they have been draining my wallet. I could use $10,000 (35m) for annual injection.

IS IT TRUE YOU RAN BROKE? No, I am not broke, though I no longer have the kind of money I had before. But I have what is enough for me to live the life I want.

DID YOU RECOVER YOUR CARS? No! Ugandan policemen are thieves. They want money, so I decided to abandon the cars.

After all I have other cars I can use.

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