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Gay Chitungwiza Pastor Fires Entire Staff After His Gay Status Was Leaked Through WhatsApp

In a drama filled night last Friday in Chitungwiza, AFM Zimbabwe suspended its entire Chitungwiza Province executive over homose_xual alleg...

In a drama filled night last Friday in Chitungwiza, AFM Zimbabwe suspended its entire Chitungwiza Province executive over homose_xual allegations. 

There were a host of issues among them the alleged gay issue involving the Provincial overseer Collen Dandure who was leading more than 14 assemblies, he was under fire from the church members who could no longer trust him after alleged chats with a male congregant leaked. The AFM supremo descended onto the dormitory town to preside over and some church goers stormed into the meeting protesting on how the leadership was not taking action on overseer Dandure’s issue. Overseer Dandure allegedly traded chats with congregant Frank Nyavaranda where the former allegedly pestered the latter for anal se_x. One of the church members stood up and challenged the leaders moving a motion to deal with Overseer Dandure’s issue.

“Mr President please be fair, everyone knows this story. Can you help by having it addressed? All these men in here are afraid to say it but they are seething with anger. People no longer want this overseer and congregants no longer want to sponsor church activities because of this ga_y issue. Some of us did great things for this church but you want it to appear as if you own this church. No, this is not your church president please handle this issue fairly,” charged the congregant who was subsequently booted out of the meeting. A team was then dispatched to screen attendees of the meeting with some being shown the exit. In no time the wife of the complainant then bolted into the room seething with anger as she demanded that she be heard since the case was taking long to be dealt with.
Gay Chitungwiza Pastor Fires Entire Staff After His Gay Status Was Leaked Through WhatsApp
“How can you say that there is no story when I saw text messages on my husband’s phone? How can he send se_x messages to my husband? My marriage is on the rocks because of this man, please let us talk it over,” she said as tears ran down her cheeks. The meeting was briefly stopped as the wife and other people who got into the church were told to leave. Speaking to H-Metro Frank’s wife, Lydia Munyomnbe said she was not jealous but rather angry.

“I am not even jealous about this but zvinonzwisa hasha. I spent three weeks without cooking for my husband and I had packed all my belongings. Our marriage almost collapsed, if it wasn’t for the advice we got from elderly people for this church. When we raised the issue at first the officials from the church indicated that we had been sent by people who want to tarnish the image of the church. I want the whole world to know that AFM church is not handling issues failry but vakuto supporta chingochani. Even the president should know this, shuwa ndingatorerwe murume wangu nemumwe murume here zvinopedza samba izvi,” said Munyombe sobbing.

Some of the church members who were waiting for the fate of their overseer said, “We no longer trust the church, people are now misusing the church’s funds. Form the chats which circulated you can see for yourself, Dandure was luring Frank so as to so_domise him through splashing money. Tinoti kuchurch ndiko kuri safe yet kurikunyepa those who drink beer are far much better that these hypocritical leaders. Enough is enough we are done with Dandure, ngochani hatidzide muchurch kana muZimbabwe,” said some of the church members including women who were not allowed to get into the meeting. Church president Asper Madziyire said they were looking into the issue with the hearing and results expected in two weeks’ time. “Chitungwiza province executive has been dissolved. I will be here supervising the province myself. I will continue to come here and preside over Sunday services. We should preach unity in the church,” said Madziyire. Frank said his wife was not happy with how the issue was being handled. He added”

“My wife is not happy about how the story is unfolding and we need justice to prevail. We have relocated because of this issue and on top of that we stopped going to AFM. Our marriage almost collapsed since my wife had packed her belongings calling an end to our marriage”. Emerging from the meeting, MADZIYIRE TOLD H-Metro that Dandure’s executive have been suspended for a host of things.

“We have decided to suspend the executive until the case is finalized. There are constitutional steps which are supposed to be taken but people think I am covering up for Dandure, no I can’t do that, let the law take its course,” he said. Efforts to get Dandure’s side of the story were fruitless as he refused to open up being shielded into a waiting car. “I am not in apposition to talk to you. You can talk to my superiors they can give you the full story,” he said before jumping into the car. H-Metro is in possession of the alleged chats.

Source: H Metro