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Beitbridge’s Time Is Now, Says Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

UFIC leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa says a prayer after officially opening the Kingdom Light Global Ministries church building in Beitbr...

UFIC leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa says a prayer after officially opening the Kingdom Light Global Ministries church building in Beitbridge yesterday

United Family International Church (UFIC) founder Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa yesterday said Beitbridge town’s potential needs to be fully developed for it to turn into a centre for economic development and regional trade.

Speaking while officially opening the Kingdom Light Global Ministries (KLGM) building in the border town, Prophet Makandiwa said the uplifting of the town to reach its desired status was about to start.

Thupeyo Muleya Beitbridge Bureau
Prophet Makandiwa is on a three-day tour of Beitbridge at the invitation of KLGM founder Pastor Savious Muleya, who is also his spiritual son.

The official opening of the KLGM church building, the biggest such building in the border town, was attended by thousands of people who spilled out of the building, which has a sitting capacity of more than 2 500.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa
It was an emotionally charged ceremony, which saw business in the town grinding to a halt, with people gathering at Mashakada Business Centre to witness the official opening of the church.

“Beitbridge town has the great potential to grow economically and to contribute to regional and international trade,” said Prophet Makandiwa. “This is a very important place which we need to develop at all costs and when I leave this town, things will never be the same again.

“I pray that all the bondages in this town and its residents are broken as we officially open this church. Through faith and vision as we dedicate this building to God, we also pray for the growth and prosperity of this town as a major economic player in sadc and internationally.”

UFIC spokesperson Pastor Prime Kufa said besides officially opening the church, Prophet Makandiwa held leadership and business seminars in Beitbridge.

“We are happy that we have finally managed to officially open this building,” he said. “It shows what submission can do. As you have heard from Pastor Muleya, he does not know how this happened. “At times, people question submission. Does it work? This is an example of a benefit of fatherhood of a spiritual cover.”

Pastor Kufa said it was important for people to make conscious decisions to change their lives and bear in mind that poverty did not respond to anointing, but to principles. “There is a work that demons have done by persuading people that God and money have nothing in common,” he said.

“The biblical truth is that money is a Godly idea placed in a person as an answer to certain questions. “The Bible says money answereth all things. We should make it clear that we need money without being ashamed. Never allow the devil to lecture you on money.

“Most people are not sure of God’s position concerning their prosperity and this drains their energy when they are in pursuit of money. “One cannot be poor and not be manipulated. “There is a level of confidence that money can give to you.”