Monday, 26 June 2017

Another Drama During Prophet Sanyangore's Service -- Seeing Is Believing

Three members of Victory World International Ministries, who allegedly attacked their leader Paul Sanyangore’s brother, were arrested during a church service in Houghton Park yesterday. 

The three suspects Tatenda Nyika, Prince Kwinjo and Pastor Masango were arrested while guarding Pastor Sanyangore, who was sharing a message of hope from the pulpit. “Matumwa nai, siyai Pastor vapedze kuparidza hamungadaro ndinoshandira ku Munhumutapa siyai zvamurikuda kuita,” one of the church members was heard saying as they wrestled with police officers.

Determined, the police officers took the three and led them to Waterfalls police station where they were detained. Tatenda, Prince and Prosper are alleged to have attacked Andy Zimunya at his home for exposing Pastor Sanyangore’s alleged fake miracles. 
Another Drama During Prophet Sanyangore's Service -- Seeing Is Believing
Andy claims that Pastor Sanyangore faked miracles of walking on water, possessing God’s contact cellphone number and changing sewage water into clean water among other miracles in order to lure money quickly from people. The three have been in hiding following the attack and luck ran out for them after they turned up for Victory World International church service yesterday.

There were less than 50 people in attendance as Sanyangore preached and it was easy for the police to identify the suspects. One of the followers claimed to be a member of the CIO and tried to interfere with the arrest. There was massive resistance and the plain-clothed police officers had to produce firearms for the congregants to calm and the trio to comply.

Source: H Metro

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