Saturday, 6 May 2017

Woman’s Privates Bitten In Fight Over Man

A BULAWAYO woman bit off a chunk of flesh from the sexual organ of another woman that she caught red-handed having sex with her husband at a church shrine.

The woman walked away with 105 hours of community service after a magistrate ruled that she was extremely provoked.

Pauline Zhou’s moment of pleasure turned into a nightmare when Bonakele Ncube (32) walked in on the 24- year-old having sex with her husband, Mr Samuel Mkhwananzi, at the shrine of a church that was not named in court.

Zhou could hardly walk and hobbled along with her legs wide apart when she came to court yesterday.

The court heard that Ncube savagely attacked Zhou as her husband tried in vain to restrain her.

She sunk her teeth into Zhou’s privates and would not let go, until she tore off a chunk of flesh.

The court heard that as Zhou writhed in pain, Ncube grabbed an unknown sharp object and tried to stab her on her privates.
Woman’s Privates Bitten In Fight Over Man
She missed her target and stabbed her in the thigh.

Ncube pleaded guilty to assault before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube, who sentenced her to community service.

“In assessing sentence, the court will consider that the complainant is a first offender, a female offender who was unfortunate to find her husband being intimate with another woman. This is an example of extreme provocation. An option of community service will reform the accused person.”

In mitigation Ncube said she bit Zhou out of rage.

Ncube told the court that she lost her temper after she caught Zhou red-handed having sex with her husband.

“I assaulted her Your Worship. I found her in the act with my husband at his church.

“She was sweating profusely showing that they had been very busy,” said an emotional Ncube.

She said she once approached Zhou after suspecting she was having an affair with her husband but Zhou denied the allegations.

Zhou according to court papers had made a report that Ncube attacked her at a public place after suspecting she was sleeping with her husband.

She later admitted Ncube caught her pants down with the prophet.

Mr Mufaro Mageza appeared for the state.

— @andile_tshuma

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