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War Of Words As Stunner Lashes Out At Vusa Blaqs

A war of words has erupted between rapper Stunner and music video producer Vusa Blaqs with the former accusing the latter of sabotaging him...

A war of words has erupted between rapper Stunner and music video producer Vusa Blaqs with the former accusing the latter of sabotaging him and other artistes.

Stunner claims Blaqs delays in completing music videos but the much sought after producer hit back saying Stunner is ignorant.

Stunner said Blaqs has been stalling the release of a number of videos because of his association with Military Touch Movement headed by Jah Prayzah.

The Tazoita Cash Boss was particularly dismayed at the delay of fellow rapper Takura’s video that he says has taken three months for Blaqs to finish.

By Bongani Ndlovu
“Can someone explain to me why Vusa Blaqs and his team think it is sound business to delay (Takura) a paying client’s product by three months, with no delivery date in mind?” he said.

Another thing that rubbed Stunner the wrong way was that Blaqs called his music video Ndoenda crap.

“Fine maybe he was perfecting his art but boom it came out and what a sh**y job he done after he had insulted my Ndoenda video on YouTube comments. You could have called Andy Cutta to tell him that.

Desmond Chideme aka Stunner
“Anyway, like people always say to me and I applied, be humble Mr Blaqs I won’t mention how many artists are crying because you have suddenly become so arrogant and instigating things like Shona/Ndebele what what. (We are Zimbabwe!!!),” Stunner’s post read.

After reading the post, Blaqs responded saying:

“Stunner is right in his ignorance. He has a right however, to comment on whatever affects his life. But somehow we as Team Blaqs feel his comments were fuelled by our director’s comments on his ‘Ndoenda’ video which were least ‘favourable ‘ to Stunner’s brand. We offer no apologies for that”.

He said Stunner was just jealous that other musicians were getting a lot of views on YouTube.

“As a company we only acknowledge real hard workers like ExQ, Ammara Brown, Jah Prayzah, Killer T, Leonard Mapfumo and a myriad of individuals deserving of the title. Our first effort in Harare earned us 1 million views, that is a historic achievement. We understand how hard it is to reach mass appeal and we are not fazed by struggling artists seeking attention from an unforgiving populace,” said Blaqs.

On allegations that he was a tribalist, Blaqs said Stunner was lost.

“Let whoever speak and say whatever is on their minds. At the end of the day as a company we remain committed to our agenda, which coincidentally is the national agenda. We want to rebrand Zimbabwe and showcase the abundant talent in this blessed land.

“Forever Zimbabwe is our motto. It’s bigger than us or any other person with an opinion. We look forward to inspiring the next generation of technocrats and creative geniuses while at the same time we know that our efforts have inspired like-minded people,” said Blaqs. The Chronicle