Friday, 19 May 2017

Tobacco Sales Floor Conman Nabbed -- Farmers Lose Over $5000 USD

A 29-YEAR-OLD-OLD Highfield man was arrested last Friday on allegations of defrauding two farmers at Tobacco Sales Floor of US$4 700.

Zvikomborero Guruzi is in police custody assisting them with investigations at ZRP Southerton .

He cased was recorded under reference 39/05/17.

Officer Commanding Harare South-Chief Superintendent Kennedy Nyaumwe confirmed the incident.
Tobacco Sales Floor Conman Nabbed -- Farmers Lose Over $5000 USD
“I urge farmers to understand the economic situation of cash shortages and must be patient and wait to hear from the bank officials themselves andnot look for other people whom they would think can assist them to withdraw their money from the bank.

“They can communicate with our police officers who are deployed there to assist them if they have any problems,” he said.

Allegations are that on May 6 t around 4pm, Samson Franziku, 36, of Village 20 CentenaryMuzarabani and Last Mukusa,32, of Kandoro Village, Magunje, Hurungweboth farmers gave ZvikomboreroGuruzitheir CBZ Smart cards to withdraw cash for them from the CBZ banking hall at TSF.

Reports are that Zvikomborerowas putting on a white T-shirt with a CBZ logo hence the farmers were convinced that he was an employee of CBZ and gave him their pin numbers.

Suggestions are that Zvikomborero later disappeared with the farmers’CBZ cards and the first card had US$2 693.02 whilst the second had US$2 092.61.

On May 7 2017 at around at around 6:52pm, it is said Samson and Last reported their case at ZRP Southerton and the case was referred to Crime Prevention Unit to investigate and they later applied for a print-out from Telecel.

They are also said to have obtained some statements of transactions from CBZ touch wallet, Kuris butchery, Machokoto Bottle Store and Radchart Gazaland.

Furthermore, the police officers managed to obtain CCTV video footage from CBZ and Radchart.

Reports are that on May 12 2017 the team from CPU proceeded to Telecel customer service and collected the print-out.

They then used the last frequented cellphone number 0738 086 917 belonging to Progressive Josephs aged 29.

Progressive was thoroughly interviewed and she told the police that she was Zvikomborero’s girlfriend.

CPU members Assistant Inspector Mavezera, Constables Chinovava, Makamera and Ngwarailater proceeded to house number 3647 Old Highfield where they picked Progressive who later assisted in arresting Zvikomborero.

Upon arrest, a body search was conducted and two CBZ Smart cards were recovered.

At T-shirt which Zvikomborero wore which had a CBZ logo was also recovered.

With the ill-gotten wealth, Zvikomborerohad bought a set of sofas, wardrobe, coffee table, double bed, kitchen unit and groceries valued at approximately $2 278.60 from Radchart.

The groceries were transported from the shop using a 5 tonne truck.

Some of the groceries were ferried to house number 3628 45th Street, Old Highfield and Chinhoyi.Part of the groceries was also recovered at TSF where they were being sold at a flea market.
Zvikomborero was positively identified by the farmers and from places where he bought the goods.

Some of the goods are yet to be recovered.

Source: H Metro

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