Saturday, 6 May 2017

'The Coming Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome To Zimbabwe Is A Dream Come True' says Pastor Ruth Musarurwa

The coming of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been in my heart. It was my dream, I just visualised one day pastor coming into church, coming to the altar and preaching.

Whenever I face challenges I look upon pastor to strengthen me, he always tell me the right words at the right time because we have always been communicating with pastor (Chris) through videos and live programs that we have in our ministry.

Pastor Ruth Musarurwa
So having him come to Zimbabwe was like it would never happen. It was impossible but the Bible says there is nothing impossible with God.

After I lost my mother, father and my family, when I found pastor, I found everything in him — a mother, father, brother and sister. So he is all I have. I looked up to him for everything and I thank God for bringing pastor into my life because he believes in me, loves me, strengthens me. So he is everything I would want from a father. When it was confirmed that he would be coming, it was just a normal day and I received a phone call from the director of programs; pastor Deola Phillips. She said, “Do you recall the program that we had in the UK called the Worship and Communion Service? I said, “Yes”.

'The Coming Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome To Zimbabwe Is A Dream Come True' says Pastor Ruth Musarurwa
She said, ‘Pastor is thinking of having it in Harare then I just screamed and I lost it and I started crying and we could not continue with the discussion. Pastor (Chris) then announced to us that he was going to come to Zimbabwe.

He later announced during the last communion service similar to the one we are going to have because during that communion service, he announces where he will be in the next one. So he announced that he was going to be in Zimbabwe. We started celebrating.

Pastor Ruth Musarurwa is the Zonal leader for Christ Embassy Zimbabwe. She spoke to The Sunday Mail Religious Affairs Editor, Fatima Bulla.

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