Monday, 29 May 2017

Stampede At Prophet Makandiwa Service -- Prophet Flees From Congregants

Popular tele-evangelist Emmanuel Makandiwa had to flee from his congregants on Sunday during a deliverance session at the City Sports Centre in Harare when pandemonium erupted.

The miracle-hungry crowd began pressing to get a touch from Makandiwa who was ministering deliverance during the last day of his 6-day revival dubbed the Greater Life Revival.

After ministering for close to 3 hours with claims from some of the congregants of healings and deliverance from different demonic attacks and addictions, Makandiwa’s bouncers failed to control the pressing crowd and he had to be smuggled through an exit normally used as an entrance for bedridden people attending healing sessions, in order to escape the advancing crowd who seemed determined to get the deliverance touch from Makandiwa.

An announcement to restore order failed to find any takers as the crowd kept pressing forcing the preacher to jump onto the stage where the crowd then followed him. Many who had received their deliverance could be seen rolling on the floor with some vomiting and making all sorts of strange noises.
Stampede At Prophet Makandiwa Service -- Prophet Flees From Congregants
When contacted for comment, Makandiwa’s Spokesperson Prime Kufa said, “Why don’t you write about the many miracles that happened rather than focusing on how the man of God left the service? Is that news? Did you want him to remain there when the crowd had become uncontrollable? Did he not save lives by moving away? Anything could have happened there”, he said before switching off his mobile.

Many of the people were left disappointed and tens of thousands could be seen milling around the arena and the overflow tents, probably hoping that their man of God would return, but luck was not on their side. This is not the first time that commotion has occurred at Makandiwa’s services as a few years ago, as many as 28 people had to be rushed to hospital after being injured in a stampede as they jostled to get seats in the main arena. They were,however, treated and discharged on the same day.

Source: Zim Daily

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