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Shocking As Stunner In fresh PUNANI Pictures Drama

It seems the drama between flamboyant rapper Stunner and his former wife Olinda Chapel is far from ending. The two, who made headlines betw...

It seems the drama between flamboyant rapper Stunner and his former wife Olinda Chapel is far from ending. The two, who made headlines between January and March on social networks over their troubled relationship, which later led to their separation, are at each other’s throats again.

Olinda and Stunner’s social media outbursts on Wednesday opened a can of worms.

Olinda asked to be left out of an issue involving Stunner with another anonymous girl only labelled as ‘Title Deeds’ on the chat.

Olinda posted chats that involved this anonymous girl that Stunner is reported to have been in an affair with saying the three should just solve their issues and leave her out of the drama.

The third party in Stunner’s new love triangle is Dionne, the girl he cheated Olinda with.

The chat also had nu_de int_imate pictures attached which the anonymous girl claimed were hers and Stunner.

Olinda also confirmed during a live video post on Facebook that the hands and the manhood really appeared to be Stunner’s.

She also revealed that during Stunner’s UK tour, Dyonne (Stunner’s current girlfriend) was cheating on him with another guy in the rapper’s Greendale apartment.

Olinda claimed she had evidence of voice notes that were sent to her by the security guards at the apartment as they witnessed the action when T Man (Stunner’s producer) caught Dyonne cheating with the other guy in the apartment.
Shocking As Stunner In fresh PUNANI Pictures Drama
She added that Dyonne also slept with another prominent person when Stunner was on tour in South Africa just recently.

Stunner revealed that Olinda was now dating musician Tytan of the Mukoko fame and all she was doing was to attack him because he is now happy.

“Olinda you are dating Tytan Mukoko can you talk about your man not me please.

“Uchavapedza vaimbi nekuda mbiri.

“Charity haifambise zita ka?” he posted on his snapchat.

In an interview with H-Metro, he said:
“I would rather be a street vendor than date Olinda, someone should ask kuti with all that money why am I still running away from her.

“She is fabricating things just so me and Dyonne go apart but this will not happen, we are happy together and will stay like that.

“Dyonne is my girl and I am faithful to her.

“We are leaving for Sandton, South Africa together tomorrow (today) where I have a show because she is just the person I want to be around.”

Interestingly, Tytan featured Stunner on his current video entitled Bho, where Stunner was given the role of the player who loses his girlfriend in the end.
A few weeks later, he then sang a dedication version of the song for Olinda.

Basically the song – Bho – is about a man who cheats his girlfriend whilst another interested man is proposing to take better care of her.

On that very night hours after the social media drama, Tytan took to his Facebook to post Olinda as his woman crush (someone he would like date).

He accompanied Olinda’s picture with the caption: “My Woman Crush..OC #QueenMukoko”

Source: H Metro