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See How Hopely's PUNANI Workers Are Seeking Help From Philanthropist To Boost Their Ailing Thigh Vending Business

Self-confessed hookers from Hopley on Wednesday made a passionate plea to philanthropist Dr Killer Zivhu saying they would want to get fund...

Self-confessed hookers from Hopley on Wednesday made a passionate plea to philanthropist Dr Killer Zivhu saying they would want to get funding for income generating projects so that they can leave the oldest profession.

Over 50 hookers met Dr Zivhu as they detailed the challenges they face while thigh vending.

“My name is Anna Mutsawu I’m 59 years old; I’m a pr_ostitute.

“I have been in this profession for many years. I can even tell you that through this profession I have managed to build my house.

“But let me also say that I want to leave all this because things are no longer okay, business is very low so I would want to get some help so that I can sustain my family through honest means.

“Let me tell you how bad things are; sometimes I sleep with a client for as little as 50 cents.

See How Hopely's PUNANI Workers
See How Hopely's PUNANI Workers
“Because of my advanced age, some men no longer find me attractive and some even refuse to pay me.

“Sometimes I have to stand in a dark corner so that maybe I can just get a client who will not have seriously considered me.

“Dzimwe nguva ndotonyimwa mari, vanotodheerera kuti ndakura,” said Anna.

Similar sentiments of how thigh vending is no longer a brisk business were also echoed by one lady who said she was the ladies chairperson.

“Ndini chairman (sic) wavo ini ndototengesawo zvidya asi ndirikuti hupenyu hwacho hauchaite, hatichazvida izvi.

“My daughter is 22 years old and I cannot continue doing this; I want to retire.

“Through some of our own initiatives of lending each other money, I managed to apply for a passport so I’m saying if I can be given money to start cross border trading, I will leave this business.

“Shuwa chihure hachichabhadare,” said the woman.

They also gave accounts of how dangerous it can be as some men refuse to pay after they would have been asked to have se_x with them.

Some of the men are said to be in the habit of willingly infecting them with se_xually transmitted diseases by tearing a condom.

“One can tell you that they want to have se_x at their own house but vanopedzesera vayenda newe kure wongorohwerwa makumbo mahara, ukada kuita noise vanotogona kusiya vakurova,” said one hooker who identified herself as Simangaliso.

Dr Zivhu told the women that through his Killer Zivhu Foundation, he would look at ways of helping them so that they once and for all leave their trade for an honest living.

He, however, said it is not good for people to judge them as many were forced by circumstances to be pr_ostitutes.

“We should not judge these people because they did not make this choice just randomly; but it is circumstances beyond their control so I want to say let’s not condemn them.

“You know some of the people out there could have gone to school with proceeds from pr_ostitution but it’s not something they can be proud of.

“So let’s not judge, we should be seen to help them in any way we can. “There are so many risks involved, diseases, being raped and no mother would feel comfortable having kids on an empty stomach.

“It’s not like they enjoy selling their bodies but circumstances forced them,” said Dr Zivhu.

Speaking on how he would help them, Dr Zivhu said: “we are here to rope them in for several projects like cross border trading so that they can earn a living without putting their lives at risks.

“And with the mega project of the Beitbridge-Chirundu Highway road expansion we are saying they should also benefit by providing labour which will translate to earnings for them.

“And as for cross border trading, we are saying they can also be part of that team and they can also benefit through linkages that we have created with Homelink.

“As ZAHA we have plots at our Norton land so for those who are able bodied, they will take part in horticultural activities which will help them get money. We will do our research to help them out because they need all our help,” he said.

As a parting shot, Dr Zivhu left many in stitches as he said to the hookers, “asi futi munofanirawo kutendeuka, nekuti chiri pamuri mweya, hazvipere nekungotaura uku.

“Vamwe venyu makaita mari asi mongoda kutengesa miviri yenyu.”

Source: H Metro