Thursday, 11 May 2017

Roman Catholic Sister Confesses To Sex Addiction

A 38-year-old Roman Catholic sister, Emmaculate Samkange is dying for sex and has confessed to having an adulterous affair with a married man.

According to Samkange who works as a nurse at Chivhu General hospital does not want to break her lover-Philip Dzingai's marriage.

All she wants is sex. They started dating in 2013, she said.
Roman Catholic Sister Confesses To Sex Addiction
"I am aware that Philip is married and it is true that I am having an affair with him" H-Metro reported.

"I am a Roman Catholic sister so what I do does not allow me to be his second wife.

"I am in a relationship with him because I failed to resist sexual temptation. I don't wish to break his marriage, all I want from him is sex" she said.

However, according to H-Metro, Philip denied having an affair with the sister.

Source: H Metro

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