Friday, 5 May 2017

Rich Sugar Mamma Regrets The Days She Fell In Love With A Broke Ben Ten

A city man last week appeared in court facing allegations of stealing money from his girlfriend, copying and transferring messages from her cellphone into his mobile phone.

Tinashe Valentine Zata, who resides in Hatfield, Harare, appeared at the Harare magistrates’ court facing theft and unauthorised access or use of computer network charges.

Zata was not asked to plead to the charges when he appeared before magistrate Barbara Chimboza. Accusations facing Zata are that on January 6 this year, his girlfriend asked to temporarily use his bank account to purchase some goods from South Africa.
Rich Sugar Mamma Regrets The Days She Fell In Love With A Broke Ben Ten
The name of Zata’s girlfriend was not mentioned in State papers.

Reports are that whilst she was using Zata’s account, she deposited US$21 050 into his account with intention to purchase some goods from South Africa using the Visa card.

Zata was said to be in possession of a debit card which he allegedly started using making some withdrawals without the knowledge of his girlfriend.

Accusations are that he withdrew US$6 255.57 and converted the money into his own use.

As if that was not enough, sometime in March this year Zata, who had access to his lover’s cellphone, reportedly copied and transferred messages from his girlfriend’s phone into his.

Displeased by her lover’s acts, she took the matter to the police leading to Zata’s arrest.

He was taken to court facing two criminal offences.

Source: H Metro

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