Friday, 19 May 2017

Punani Party In Westgate Causes Stir -- Women Get Drugged and Abused -- Pictures Go Viral On Social Media

A 21-year-old woman, who made headlines for posting her nu_de photographs to lure men for se_x in WhatsApp groups, organised a group party where ladies were se_xually abused at a house in Westgate last Saturday.

H-Metro was secretly added in the group by disgruntled women to get more information. In the group, the women claimed that they were drugged at the party and got se_xually abused by men hired by Leila Nyasha Mamvura.

Allegations were that Leila was sponsored by several men to organise a party and invited WhatsApp group members promising her an appreciation if they were able to have se_x with beautiful ladies at the party.

The party turned into a se_x party according to discussions in the group that even some women on their menstruation periods had unprotected se_x.

A girl expecting to be married in June also claims to be a victim.
Punani Party In Westgate Causes Stir -- Women Get Drugged and Abused
In the group discussions Leila was attacked for duping the ladies after they realised that she was connected to men who attended the party along with her sister who turned their family bedroom into a se_x base.

“We were expecting teachings for group members that change our lives only to discover that Leila had organised men to drug and abuse us,” said one of the victims.

“Several women had unprotected se_x with various men after they got drunk, including students,” she added.

Another group member told H-Metro that three men were behind the sponsorship of the party and Leila was paid for hosting it and some students ended up stripping.

“Concerning the party that took place on Saturday there was a man called Talent who took advantage of a few young girls including Gamuchirai who st_ripped na_ked, he even slept with her that night. He also has connections with Anopa also known as Bushido and Fungai known as Steezy who came later that night to take drunk young girls and go with them to lodges where they se_xually abused them.

“Anopa took Anesuishe, a university student known as Slim, and slept with her the whole night, Fungai also took Dorothy that night and slept with her.

“They all slept with these girls without protection. Anopa, Talent and Fungai sponsored the party and used their riches to take advantage of young girls.

“They are even planning on having another group se_x party this coming Saturday at Nigel’s house in Avondale west,” said the source.

Contacted for comment Leila could not deny or confirm the incident but only threatened H-Metro with unspecified action.

“If you continue sending messages to me I will deal with you.”

However, impeccable sources within the new group created by Leila said members of the group posted the writer’s ​photograph and agreed to hire thugs to beat him up if the story is published arguing that it was not the only group to investigate their dealings.

H-Metro is in possession of the group chats mocking the writer and their threats. Contacted for comment one of the group members saved in the group as jnx who threatened to have oral se_x with the writer since he is male said he was annoyed after learning that the story reached H-Metro.

Source: H Metro

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