Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Prophet Walter Magaya Expresses His Love For The Warriors By Doing The Unthinkable

Prophet Walter Magaya says he loves the Warriors more than his own Premiership football club Yadah Stars because the country will always come first. The prophet has given the Warriors VVIP treatment at his newly-opened Yadah Hotel, where they also use the ground for their training sessions. 

He will also take care of the team’s food requirements during their two-week camp.

Magaya yesterday told reporters that he rated his love for the Warriors above the affection he has for his own club Yadah Stars.

“I feel that the national team brings unity to the whole country. This is the moment when Highlanders, Dynamos and CAPS United players join hands,’’ said Magaya.

“That feeling is incredible and since I am also into football I thought that I should assist as we unite for the match against Liberia.

“So what I have done is to give them accommodation and whatever they need until they play the team that is coming into Zimbabwe.
Prophet Walter Magaya Expresses His Love For The Warriors By Doing The Unthinkable
“I have always said Yadah FC can disappear, but the Warriors can never disappear. My passion is not about football, it’s about people and it’s also about my country. It’s an issue of lifting my flag.

“My prayers are for them to go as high as they can because my name is also lifted.

“I am a Zimbabwean by birth and this my country. So, I have tried to give them the best that I could, whatever they required I met whatever they wanted for their stay.

“According to them, they say this is the best ever stay that they have ever had in any camp.

“So I am proud to have provided that. Even if they are saying they want to go to the World Cup, I will be there for them.’’

He also had an opportunity to greet and chat to some of the Warriors and a number of players rushed to greet him after their training session yesterday.

Magaya has a long standing relationship with the national team going back to 2015 when he doled out $54 000 to the COSAFA-bound side to cater for their needs.

The football-mad prophet also ensured that the Warriors fulfilled the 2017 Nations Cup qualifier against Malawi when he bankrolled the trip to Blantyre.

The Warriors had boycotted that trip and Magaya was forced to rise in the middle of the night and organise the transport and appearance fees for the team on a tour of duty where they beat Malawi 2-1 to lay a firm foundation for their successful 2017 AFCON qualifying adventure.

Magaya also helped the Mighty Warriors on several occasions.

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