Friday, 26 May 2017

President Paul Biya's Poisoned Chalice To Southern Cameroonians says Tapang Ivo Tanku

Understanding the struggle is both simple and complex at the same time. I once wrote that our neighbor's President Paul Biya engages in "non-verbal communications." He responds not in words but with actions - be they positive or negative actions that are deleterious to his own stay in power.

Evidence that he listens and fears us can be shown with the recent appointment of colonial SDOs and DOs. He appointed 95 percent Anglophones to head Southern Cameroons. First in history. In other words, he appointed Anglophones to colonize Anglophones.
President Paul Biya's Poisoned Chalice To Southern Cameroonians says Tapang Ivo Tanku

1. Biya has heeded to our call for the recall of all French Colonial SDOs and DOs from our territory. Chang good.

2. Biya is afraid that if we eliminate French Colonial officers, he will completely lose legitimacy even among our neighbors who barely try to respect him. Chang good.

3. Biya knows that we mean business and we will not eliminate our own brothers whom he has appointed. But he fails to remember that even Atanga Nji is hunted by us. Chang good.

4. He thinks there will be confusion in our camp if we take out all Anglophone SDOs and DOs. But he forgets to note that Anglophones who sympathize with him are worst than Francophones who do same. Cham bad.

Hence, our April 2017 call for the elimination of all colonial DOs and SDOs through "pacific" means caused an earthquake in Etoudi. Skeptics have now become believers.

We still maintain our clarion call and hold our grounds that the Colonial positions have been erased. All DOs and SDOs are illegal and must face public justice. Accept Biya's appointment at your own maximum risk.

*** I am only a freethinker and a solution-oriented critic.

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