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Pastor Ruth Musarurwa The Woman Behind Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Zimbabwe Visit

The woman behind the establishment of Christ Embassy in Zimbabwe and its founder’s visit is a person of great faith. Pastor Chris Oyakhilom...

The woman behind the establishment of Christ Embassy in Zimbabwe and its founder’s visit is a person of great faith. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hosts a Global Communion and Worship Service at the National Sports Stadium this afternoon.

More than a decade ago, Pastor Ruth Musarurwa, who is now zonal leader for Christ Embassy Zimbabwe, started a cell group in Zimbabwe for the Nigeria-headquartered church after taking heed of Pastor Chris’ message.

At that time, she was a member of a different church and in need of a personal miracle. Desperate for a solution, she believed the message as she watched Pastor Chris declaring healing on television.

Fatima BullaThat she would ever have a personal encounter with Pastor Chris, let alone lead one of his church branches seemed like a far-fetched thought then.

“One night I sat down to watch TV. I was looking for what were my favourite movies then, Crime series. As I scrolled, I saw this man dressed in white talking about Jesus. As soon as I saw him, there was a quickening in my spirit,” she said in reference to Pastor Chris’ broadcast from Lagos, Nigeria.

“I did not know what was happening to me, but he made a call for salvation and right there I responded and did the prayer with him. He then gave a word of knowledge about someone that had a limp on their right leg.

“I had a limp for over 15 years and it had become a part of me. When the man in white mentioned my case, I stretched out my hand and I thought I had passed out.

“I didn’t realize then that it was the anointing of the Holy Ghost that had passed through my body. When I became conscious of my surroundings, there was another programme showing.

“I only realized that I had been born again and healed on that night a week later when I was trying to seat down at a function. Someone shouted, ‘Do you realize that you no longer have a limp?’

Pastor Ruth Musarurwa The Woman Behind Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Zimbabwe Visit
“During this time, there was a sudden urge for something missing, but I didn’t know what it was.

“All I knew was that it had something to do with the man in white that I had seen on television. My children and I began to search for that man on television for three weeks until we found him again. I then took details and got in touch with Loveworld TV in South Africa. I found out that the man in white was our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome,” Pastor Musarurwa said.

Her desire to be connected to this pastor pushed her to board a Chigubhu owned bus en-route to Lagos, Nigeria. Even the breaking down of the bus could not deter her from her mission.

“I boarded a Chigubhu owned bus and it broke down on the way, but still I went looking for him. When I went to the first service I told myself, ‘This message must be heard back home’. Pastor (Chris) was speaking in church in Lagos and in his message he said when you go back start cell groups.

“That is when I took the first Rhapsody. I had never preached in my life but I started a cell group,” said Pastor Musarurwa.

Within two months of this encounter, she had left her old church, where she had been “baptised, confirmed and had even been certified to wear the women’s traditional uniform after getting married”.

Having grown up in a religious family, the uniform was regarded as a visible stamp of how she was a true and spiritual Christian. But with the Lagos encounter, everything had taken a new twist.

Now the cell group was growing and required a properly trained pastor, at least that is what she thought.

“As the cell group was growing, I got in touch with Pastor Ken (Oyakhilome) and I told him that we needed a pastor. I had never preached, even in Ruwadzano (at her old church). I was very focused on works and attended every wedding, funeral or gathering that I could. So I learnt to preach through listening to Pastor Chris’ messages,” she said.

More than a decade later, Christ Embassy in Zimbabwe now has 138 assemblies.

And its leader, Pastor Chris, has described Pastor Musarurwa as a woman of great faith.

“He said, ‘You are a woman of great faith. Strong faith draws men of God. Because you have drawn the men of God at such a time, it’s the spirit of God’. I have prayed for it, I have given my all and I am the one who went and asked,” she said, remembering the day she screamed in her office when Pastor Chris confirmed he would be coming to Zimbabwe.

Close to 190 000 people were recorded to have registered for today’s Global Communion and Worship Service through Christ Embassy’s online platforms by last Thursday.

It all began with a leap of faith from one woman who needed a personal miracle.

And after such an experience, Pastor Musarurwa encouraged people not to undermine the power of belief, even when God’s message is delivered on television.

“His coming means the word of God is being fulfilled. God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ever imagine or think according to the power. Before ministry I was a farmer, a busy woman, I left everything.

“A lot of people criticise miracles. I never believed in miracles until I needed one. It is difficult to believe in a miracle until you yourself need one. So people should be expectant, anything is possible.

“We are not only inviting Christians but everybody, mainly those who are yet to receive Christ. For someone to receive Christ is a greater miracle than being healed or standing from a wheelchair. So people should come believing, trusting God,” she said.

Pastor Musarurwa said Pastor Chris respects other men of God.

“Our pastor is friends with everybody, hence we do not speak ill of other men of God. The harvest is plenty in Zimbabwe and we are mainly targeting the unconverted. We invite everybody to come for the holy communion service,” she said.

There seemed to be anxiety during the week, with social media messages suggesting that other church leaders had cancelled their Sunday services to attend the Communion and Worship Service.
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