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Magaya and Yadah’s Weird Ways

The fourth was the biggest and loudest, a roar that even had both sets of players inquisitively looking into the stands. A throw in was abo...

The fourth was the biggest and loudest, a roar that even had both sets of players inquisitively looking into the stands. A throw in was about to be taken at the far end when this one erupted so the lads on the pitch knew that the delirium was not at all influenced by developments on the park.

The first one was a mixture of amusement and relief, Triangle defender Guthrie Zhokinyi giving Yadah FC the lead with a classic own goal. The second one had ecstasy written all over it, the home side’s fans, and neutrals alike, rising in unison to acknowledge a sweeping move which culminated in Leeroy Mavunga sweeping the ball home.

The third was a middle of the road roar, Mavunga’s second goal – from the penalty spot – confirming the end of a four match losing run for Yadah. But just as the game was petering towards the final whistle and with Wellington Kamudyariwa and Moses Demera showcasing their vast showboating skills, Morris Depot threatened to move the Ricther scale.

By Makomborero Mutimukulu
The sight of heavily built men entering the VIP tribune sent the Yadah fans into seventh heaven. Walter Magaya was in town. A few of the fans knelt, as a sign of respect to Papa, but the majority went wild, jumping hysterically as the Yadah FC owner and “technical adviser” took up his position in the VIP area.

HAPPY FAMILY ... Yadah Stars owner and technical adviser Prophet Walter Magaya blesses his goalkeeper Tafadzwa Dube amid a wave of celebrations at Morris Depot following their thumping victory over Triangle. — (Picture by Kudakwashe Hunda)
Suddenly, an enclosure that had hitherto been deserted for its failure to allow some sun in was full to the rafters. At the final whistle, Magaya eased his way onto the pitch, laid hands on a few of players and made his way out just like he had come in – being the centre of attraction.

If one thought that all this was bizarre then they hadn’t seen or heard anything yet. Yadah coach Jairos Tapera faced the Press and did his best to paint Magaya as some sort of footballing god.

“I want to thank prophet Magaya for helping us. We had to plead with him to come and help us because things were not well. “He is our father, the owner of the team and the prophet of this team. His presence here today inspired us,” said a clearly relieved Tapera.

A four match winless run, started by that 0-1 lose to Dynamos, had left Magaya livid and threatening to dump the football project.

An audio tape circulating on social media and confirmed to be authentic exposes the Yadah FC owner, who promised but is yet to pay winning bonuses for a 2-7 chastening away to Bantu Rovers, as footballing joke once again. Magaya appears to suggest that his team’s 0-2 loss to FC Platinum last Saturday was engineered at some sangoma’s house where Pure Platinum Play apparently spent the night. “You are playing against a team that slept at a sangoma, the whole team, the coach is coming from a sangoma’s house and they are playing against you who are divided.

“You were way better that Platinum FC, you missed seven, eight keeper to beat chances. The whole defence is out then you kick out. They attacked you twice and they scored,” Magaya can be heard saying.

FC Platinum have refused to be drawn into a pig fight with club spokesman Chido Chizondo choosing to be diplomatic. “We have heard the audio circulating on social media. Because of the nature of the source we have no comment,” she said.

That drama would have been intriguing but the platinum miners have denied us some off field fun by playing smart. However, there is no doubt that Yadah are a gift that will keep on giving drama as Magaya seeks to reinvent the wheel and spiritualise football.

Tapera came in for some serious chastening when he ignored a “prophetic word” to field a starting XI that included Kamudyariwa against DeMbare. And after being suspended and threatened with dismissal, it’s not surprising to find Tapera thanking Magaya for everything that Yadah FC will do.

He learnt his lessons and will go by what Magaya says, including fielding a player who has a dead leg. Magaya will make the big calls and expect all his players to attend church services, including the ones that have less than 24 hours after a game in Zvishavane.

Flattering narratives, some which bizarrely claim that Yadah FC use drones to harvest scientific data from their sessions, have Magaya demanding the seemingly impossible from his team.

He now believes that his team can win the league title in their first year in the top flight league if only the coaches don’t play dull and ignore his “prophetic advice.”

Magaya and his Yadah FC have a weird way of doing things but who are we to say they are wrong? Maybe this is how football must be played after all! The Sunday Mail