Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Latest On ‘Prophet’ Tich Mataz ... Mentor Defends New Recruit

‘Prophet’ Tich Mataz is qualified enough to be a prophet and serve God, his mentor pastor Paul Sanyangore has said. Following news that Tich is now a prophet social media has been abuzz with people questioning his ability.

Some people felt Tich’s tainted history cannot make him a prophet of the Lord but his ‘initiator’, Sanyangore believes otherwise.

Others stated that Tich has been preparing himself to become a prophet judging by his sense of dressing such as designer suits.

Sanyangore said one’s history does not determine whether they qualify to serve God or not but grace.

“God qualifies the unqualified,” he said.

To those who are judging him, God can use anyone despite their backgrounds. Paul was once a sinner but he was transformed from being Saul to Paul a servant of God.

It is through God’s grace that we are all serving the Lord. We all have a history and mine could be worse than his but it through grace that I’m serving God.

Tich Mataz can be a prophet and nothing can stop him,” he said.

Tich Mataz reportedly received and delivered prophetic messages to some congregants during Sanyangore’s church service at Kingstons House in the capital through his cellphone.
Latest On ‘Prophet’ Tich Mataz ... Mentor Defends New Recruit
The preacher initially prayed for Tich, a process he termed impartation.

Speaking to H-Metro the radio personality said he was shocked by the development but was happy with the revelation.

The video of Tich prophesying is now on Sanyangore’s Victory TV and also circulating on social media platforms such as YouTube.

“When people hear of our activities, they are quick to attack us, question our miracles and this is now Tich whom you all know prophesying.

“He now has the answers for you. This is the reason we started Victory TV for people to watch and see for themselves what will be happening,” he said.

The preacher said by being in an environment with prophets one can prophesy.

“Saul even prophesied as written in 1Samuel 10 verse 9 and many people questioned is Saul now amongst the prophets? This is the question on people’s mouths now, is Tich amongst the prophets?

“He was in an environment with prophets and he prophesied.

“At one point, Moses’ spirit was shared and people started prophesying. Elisha was taken into prophesy by his mentor Elijah,” the preacher said.

”What happened on Sunday is that Tich managed to hear the voice of God and separated it from other voices. People hear voices daily but they are not able to separate God’s voice from all the other voices which Tich managed to do. When you silence the other voices you hear, then you will be able to hear God’s voice and you will prophesy,” he said.

Source: H Metro

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