Saturday, 6 May 2017

Heard of Lameck Makwiramiti? The Man Who Stood Over A Grave... Tells Mourners The Person Being Buried 'Was Not A Good Person'

Harare - Heard of Lameck? You should have done: he's Zimbabwe's latest hero. "Lameck" - full name Lameck Makwiramiti - shot to fame after a short clip showing him doing something very unusual: standing over a grave and telling mourners that the person being buried was not a nice person.

In the video, Makwiramiti says that "Mai Tumba" (the woman being buried) hurt his family after her son got his daughter pregnant and then abandoned her. He holds his grandchild as he speaks.

Watch the video below.

News24 Correspondent
His words have been a real talking point on social media in the last few days, with many asking: Was Makwiramiti brave to go against funeral tradition and speak what was in his heart?

Or - as a number of others suggested - was he a coward for perhaps not having a go at Mai Tumba while she was still alive?

Advocate Fadzayi Mahere kicked off the debate on Twitter at the end of last week, clearly showing what she thought: "Lameck speaks his mind. Lameck doesn't pretend that bad people are good people. Be like Lameck. #ChokwadiChakanaka (the truth is good)."
Heard of Lameck Makwiramiti? The Man Who Stood Over A Grave... Tells Mourners The Person Being Buried 'Was Not A Good Person'
Since then blog posts have been written (one Zimbabwean woman decided to say exactly what she thought about her ex-mother-in-law who she wrote had ruined 12 years of her life) and Makwiramiti has been booked for radio interviews. Later this week he'll be interviewed by Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa, who first interviewed #ThisFlag founder Evan Mawarire. Makwiramiti now even has his own "official" Facebook page.

In a post on that page on Wednesday that had more than 1 000 views in just five hours, it's suggested that Makwiramiti only spoke out because he was overcome by emotion after listening to "unwarranted praises" from other mourners. He says he even provided transport for mourners at the funeral.

"As a parent would you harshly judge me for my actions?" he asks.

A hashtag - #teamLameck - has been adopted by those who think he's done the right thing in sticking up for his daughter and breaking with the "wafa wanaka" tradition that discourages people saying anything negative about someone who's died.

Writes Dorah Nyajena on Makwiramiti's page: "People should desist from declaring a dead person a saint yet you know exactly well that person was wicked evil satanic during his/her lifetime. Lameck is a pace setter. Tell it as it is!"

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