Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Fight Over Condoms Turns Nasty -- Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

An affair between a Harare businesswoman and her long-time lover ended after the woman reportedly found used co_ndoms stashed in her lover’s car.

Catherine Muwi said she called it quits when her former boyfriend Basilio Zibhowa failed to give her a proper explanation over used co_ndoms she found in his car.

Zibhowa confirmed that Catherine found co_ndoms in the car but he denied they were used co_ndoms. Despite his claims, Catherine insisted that they were a combination of used and unused condoms in the car.
Fight Over Condoms Turns Nasty -- Hell Hath No Fury lIke A Woman Scorned 
“We have being dating since 2009 and we have been facing different problems.

“One of the challenges that triggered the collapse of our affair was when I found used condoms stashed in his car.

“We exchanged cars at one time and when I cleaned the car that’s when I found co_ndoms, some of them used and others unused.

“When I asked him about them, he failed to give me a convincing reason why he had the condoms in his car and this led to our breakup,” Catherine said.

During their relationship, Catherine said Zibhohwa was after her hard earned cash.
“When I started dating this man he had nothing, I upgraded him to the extent of buying him clothes as well as giving him money to buy good cars.

“He sold one of my cars in Kadoma and squandered all the money and failed to give me a single cent.

“The con_dom issue was an immediate cause for our breakup but ever since he was demoted from his workplace, he started becoming resentful towards me.

“Ever since we parted ways, he started struggling financially since he spends most of his money on women,” she said.

“I no longer want him in my life, I have already moved on and all I want from him is to contribute in looking after the child we have together.

“He is jealous because of the progress I am making in life.

“He is always doing all he can to put blame on me over things he has failed to achieve in life,” she said.

Zibhowa denied having used co_ndoms in the car.

“The condoms she is referring to were in the car but they were not used as she claims.

I was given the c_ondoms by one of my friends and they were even handed to me in the presence of my lawful wife.

“This woman is a hooligan, she went on to smash my windscreen because of those condoms and I reported the matter to the police.

“In any case, who was she to question me about my sexual life when she was just a girlfriend?” he said.

Responding to the issue of selling Catherine car, Zhibhowa said:

“I am not the one who sold her car, she entered into an agreement with a gentleman called Terrence Nhira and I was not involved.”

Source: H Metro

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