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EMERGENCY ALERT -- The Enemy Of The Struggle Never Sleeps .. Be Warned -- Ayah Paul Abine

Don't say I didn't 'warn' you all well in advance: BEWARE OF THE YEAST OF THE ENEMY WHO WANTS TO SET THIS COUNTRY (ESPECIAL...


The 'anglophone' wahala is not a game; it is a very deep and dangerous time bomb requiring an urgent intervention, asap. It has exposed a lot of evils and people. We now know those who are fueling the crisis; the same persons who have confiscated Cameroon, especially it's Justice system, for over centuries. These people are ready to do everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING, to cement their positions for life. And so I repeat: BEWARE OF THEIR YEAST; ESPECIALLY OUR BROTHERS IN BOTH ANGLOPHONE REGIONS. Don't be taken by surprise and don't fall prey to the numerous traps set before you.

The best thing that has happened to 'anglophones' during the said crisis is/was the KIDNAP of our highest ranked anglophone supreme court judge, Ayah Paul Abine. The enemy has always wanted him 'dead' and January 21, 2017, saw another failed attempt by them to carry out their evil plan. The enemy didn't think beyond failure in carrying out his plan; and as the said plan failed, the enemy has no way forward. Releasing Ayah will be shameful and victory for 'anglophones' while keeping him there is also countrer productive as it strengthens the 'anglophone' case and Ayah's case against the Lawless State of Cameroon. Don't imagine therefore that Ayah's death announcement of yesterday was a mistake, not at all. It was a calculated plot by the enemy to weigh the consequences of another attempt on Ayah's life. And they have seen just how irreversible the consequences could be. Don't imagine they are done yet: THE ENEMY NEVER SLEEPS. If they can't get Ayah directly, them they will do everythin to get his kindred and believers/sympathisers at all cost. Can you imagine what would have happened in both 'anglophone' regions yesterday if news of Ayah's death wasn't dismissed very timely by all of us? People were already about to retaliate. That would have given the government enough reason tostep in and do the worst in the name of maintaining law and order. Don't ask me how many persons would have died; how many more would have been arrested; how many more of our precious women would have been raped; how many more businesses and private and public property would have been set ablaze; etc. Just imagine what the consequences would have being, especially on our brothers and sisters in the SW and NW.
Ayah Paul Abine
You may ask yourself the question: Why is penniless Ayah this feared by them? Why is this 'God Fatherless' man from primitive Akwaya who has no army nor occultic brotherhood their MAIN problem? Why do they want him 'dead' at all cost? The answer is simple: They call this THE POWER OF TRUTH, HONESTY, INTEGRITY AND THE HAND OF GOD. You cannot fight truth no matter how hard you try. Anyone who dares touch Ayah, DIES. That has been the story of his life from birth. He is God's anointed, the Apple of God's Eye. He is destiny's child and God permitted them to take him as concrete evidence of the anglophone marginalisation.

They had been wanting to 'eliminate' him since 2008 when Ayah stood alone against the modification of the constitution which had serious consequences on Cameroon; But they failed to. In 2010, Ayah resigned from the ruling party after unsuccessfully trying to bring change from the inside. The enemy thought they had gotten rid of Ayah at last. But to their gratest surprise, Ayah joined the PAP and stood presidential elections in 2011 and with barely 6 months to prepare the said election, Ayah shocked them by grabbing an honourable 5th position; very shocking for a 'premature' politician. Many are those who said they strongly believed Ayah was 3rd and not 5th contrary to official results, well..... And after this performance, then enemy did his best to lure Ayah into their camp with very juicy proposals and failed. For Ayah will never trade his conscience at whatever cost. Therefore, we must 'ELIMINATE' Ayah before 2018 if we want peace. That is the open secret we all know....

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