Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Do Not Show Your Fingers On Your Photos … Here Are The Reasons!

The information was given by a famous Japanese researcher who asks Internet users not to show their fingers on the photos. The idea does not come from a religious morality, let alone a new censorship on social networks, but the scientist wants to avoid internet users from being “robbed“.

For this professor and researcher in computer science, we are seeing an increase in fingerprint readers on phones and other devices of the latest technology. It is a situation which is allowed to pass, but which is worried. Indeed, everyone can be tracked and tracked at any time by strangers on the internet.

The man of science speaks for example of “V” signs and any other sign on the photographs that show the fingerprints on the screen. For him, this innocuous gesture can be worth to the concerned an usurpation of identity of the malicious persons.
Do Not Show Your Fingers On Your Photos … Here Are The Reasons!
He did the test with some randomly selected photos, on which the fingers of the filmed people were clearly visible. He showed how the footprints of these people can be easily recovered. For him, celebrities are the most exposed. Because they are filmed in all positions, and enough times, to be able to offer a manna to the pirates.

In this case, he asks to protect fingerprints as well as we protect our passwords. In addition, passwords can be changed, but fingerprints are for life.

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