Sunday, 7 May 2017

Diabetic Soul Jah Love Keeps Fans Waiting

Devoted fans of Zimdancehall star Soul Jah Love had to wait for hours in biting cold for the artiste of the moment to turn up for his highly anticipated concert at City Sports Bar in Harare on Thursday night.

Though some frustrated fans left the venue before the show started, there was still a fairly big crowd in attendance when the controversial artiste — who is dominating charts and the club scene with his monster hit Pamamonya Ipapo — finally went on stage.
Diabetic Soul Jah Love Keeps Fans Waiting
Soul Jah Love, who never apologised for keeping his fans waiting, made up for lost time by delivering most of his hits in quick succession. He kicked off his show with the Kuponda Nhamo before unleashing songs such as Ndini Uya Uya, Magetsi and Dai Hupenyu Hwaitengwa.

By Vasco Chaya
The zenith of the show, predictably, was when he dropped the hit Pamamonya Ipapo. Soul Jah Love’s voice could be hardly heard as the fans animatedly sang along with him. The dance floor became a hive of activity.

Pamamonya Ipapo is without doubt the hit of the moment for the Highfield-born musician. The song has inspired many jokes on social media.

Many upstart musicians have also come up with their own renditions of the hit which have also taken the country by storm.

Pamamonya Ipapo is not the first saying from the controversial Zimdancehall artiste to go viral. His chant Hauite Hauite, generally used to express gratitude, has also become part of street lingo. Daily News

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