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A Must Read -- 15 Common Lies Nigerian Women Tell When They Are Caught In The Act Of Infidelity!

Infidelity is not a matter for men alone. Women are just as concerned as their husbands. The difference lies in how to proceed. Women are indeed more cautious because they know that they are in a society where they are lambasted, humiliated and ridiculed for committing infidelity.

Whatever the reason, infidelity is devastating. Being unfaithful can bring to light a crisis that was for a long time in a state of latency.

Here are 15 lies used by women when caught in the act of infidelity.
A Must Read -- 15 Common Lies Nigerian Women Tell When They Are Caught In The Act Of Infidelity!
1. Baby, I’m sorry: Once a woman is caught deceiving her partner, she will be the first one to apologize. What’s more normal? Even though she knows that the excuses at that time are irrelevant.

2. It was not me: Not recognizing yourself in the scene you describe is the second reason that unfaithful women use to defend themselves. Even the pictures of his antics will not be enough to make him recognize his fault. It will continue to deny the facts and seek to move the problem.

3. It is the work of the devil: It is always the devil, as much as Eve could blame the serpent (devil) for his actions. This statement is not always far from anyone caught in the act of infidelity.

4. I do not know what has taken me: They try to hide under the pretext of “I do not know what took me,” as if they had been bewitched or hypnotized.

5. He is my uncle: The pretext is “my uncle” or my relative is commonly used by women accused of infidelity. Their infidelity partners suddenly become their distant uncle or relative, whom you have never seen, or heard.

6. He is just a friend: Even when taken in a dubious position with a man, some women will always claim that this lover is just a friend.

7. It’s not what you think: Imagine a woman “caught in an irregular situation” with another man. His answer: it is not what you think.

8. I do not even know: This statement is surely the opposite because it is not possible to cheat with someone you do not know.

9. It was an accident: This can only be an accident, as it was taken by hand in the bag. Most women will admit that it was an accident when they know there is no way out of the situation.

10. It forced me: When the excuse of the accident can not stand, the other often used argument is violence. These women claim to have been forced or threatened by the lover to sleep with him.

11. It is your fault; You were not there for me: If you are very often absent, this absence will serve as a pretext for the woman to justify her infidelity. They know so much that they eventually become innocent, and you stick the responsibility.

12. I still love you, there is no one for me: It rubs disdain. Sleeping with a person and pretending that it does not mean anything to you is incredible. Women in these situations will choose arguments that if they do not convince you, will have the advantage of sowing doubt in your mind.

13. Do not trust me: “Baby, do not you trust me? “Trust certainly, but it does not exclude control, says the saying.

14. Thank you for giving me another chance: Soliciting a second chance is part of the arguments of an unfaithful woman. “Baby give me a second chance, I will not start again. Many times, man is led to give a third, a fourth, or a “last chance”.

15. Because you do not deceive me, too? “I deceive you because you deceive me” brandish certain women who can not deny their infidelity. For them, the infidelity of man is an open door for them. And they do not hesitate to use it. Afrikmag

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