Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Woman’s Plan To Lock Promiscuous Husband ‘Backfires’ ... Ladies Don’t Try This

Clay pot does diabolical wonders! A Shurugwi woman whose husband’s se_xual explorations went outside the homestead took his underwear and kept it in a clay pot.

For three years he was to suffer erectile dysfunction and the secret came to light when Tichaona Moyo consulted a prophet who revealed that his wife Nomsa Katiyo kept his underwear in a clay pot under their children’s bed.

Upon hearing the distressing news, Moyo went home to confirm the prophet’s declaration. He was shocked to find the clay pot with five panties including the one he had changed the previous day.

“Moyo went back home and straight into his children’s room where he found the clay pot under the bed with panties just like what the prophet had said. He destroyed it in front of her,” said a close source.

When she saw him have a go at it, she barked that he was destroying her mother’s property. That’s when Moyo beat her up.

He told B-Metro that his wife acted on instructions from a sangoma.
Woman’s Plan To Lock Promiscuous Husband ‘Backfires’ ... Ladies Don’t Try This
“She’s claiming that she did it to protect her family and she didn’t know it would affect me that much. But she should have told me the moment we started having problems whenever we tried to had se_x,” said Moyo.

Moyo hopes that by destroying the pot he would get his erection back.

“Ever since the quarrel she left me and I have been trying to call her but she doesn’t answer the phone. I just want her to clarify things for me and know if ever I will be fine again,” added Moyo.

But Katiyo denied keeping her husband’s panties in a clay pot.

“I don’t know this clay pot story. We had an argument about something and I left for my parents’ house. I am going back,” she said.

She added that her husband’s erectile problems could be a result of a revenge plot from one of his girlfriends.

“Why would I do something that affects me in the process, maybe he was bewitched by one of his girlfriends and is now trying to shift the blame,” said Katiyo.

Source: B Metro

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