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Wife Shot In Hostage Drama

A 32-year-old reservist constable was arrested after a hostage situation unfolded in Roodepan on Wednesday morning. The domestic dispute cu...

A 32-year-old reservist constable was arrested after a hostage situation unfolded in Roodepan on Wednesday morning. The domestic dispute culminated in the man’s wife being shot.

A woman was shot in the arm during a hostage situation that played out in Saturn Street in Roodepan early yesterday morning. It is believed that the suspect is a police reservist who entered the home of his mother-in-law early the morning and allegedly shot his estranged wife who has a court order against him. Picture: Danie van der Lith

The suspect cannot be identified until his first court appearance and while it remains unconfirmed whether the weapon that he allegedly used to shoot his 33-year-old wife is the property of the SAPS, sources on Wednesday stated that the suspect had signed out a firearm from the Kimberley Police Station prior to the incident.
Wife Shot In Hostage Drama
The victim is currently receiving treatment in the Kimberley Hospital and is expected to make a full recovery after sustaining a single bullet wound to her upper arm.

Neighbours and other onlookers watched as the drama unfolded shortly before 9am Wednesday morning, saying that they had heard gunshots and then saw police vehicles pulling up to the house in Saturn Street in Mahala Park.

“The man has been having problems with his wife,” a resident from one of the houses a few doors down from the crime scene said. “In fact, she has taken out a protection order against him.”

“I was at home when I heard a gunshot and went outside to see what was happening.”

By Murray Swart | IOL |
Another resident added that members of the Roodepan SAPS arrived on the scene, closely followed by the Kimberley flying squad. “The police were everywhere in a matter of minutes and told us all to get back. It was like something out of a movie.”

“This is not the first time that there has been a domestic disturbance involving this man. He is well known to us and also works as a police reservist which is probably why he had a firearm.”

“I saw him come out of the house and then go back inside. A policeman then told him to come out and he said he would only do so once there was a car and ambulance waiting for him outside.”

“When these vehicles arrived he came out, threw his gun to one side and surrendered, while the medics ran in to help the woman.”

It is believed that the member of the SAPS who negotiated the surrender is the Commanding Officer of the Kimberley Flying Squad, Captain Monwabisi Qunta.
The victim, who was apparently home alone before the incident, sustained a single gunshot wound with the bullet passing through her right upper arm.

She was treated on the scene by ER24 before being transported to the Kimberley Hospital.

Police spokesperson, Colonel Mohale Ramatseba, confirmed that the suspect was a reservist constable but he did not confirm whether it had been a police firearm that had been used in the shooting.

“A 32-year-old reservist constable has been arrested following a hostage incident in Saturn Street, Roodepan,” a statement issued by the police on Wednesday afternoon stated. “The incident happened at about 8:45am.”

“It is alleged that the reservist constable held his wife hostage at gunpoint. During the incident, his wife was shot in the arm. She was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.”

“The investigation continues.”