Friday, 21 April 2017

Whatsapp Drama ... Woman Shares PUNANI Pictures Of Woman Chasing After Her Husband

A 21-YEAR-OLD Westgate woman has clashed with married women after posting nu_de photographs on WhatsApp groups amid reports that she is after their men.

Leila Nyasha Mamvura is under fire from married women in several WhatsApp groups namely “Kuzivana.Com”, “Chatroom” and “Yummy mummies”.

Leila is further alleged to have hooked young ladies and included them in the “Yummy mummies” where she connected them with businessmen for money.

She confirmed posing nu_de but said the photograph could have been posted on WhatsApp group by her ex-boyfriend.

Leila, who is believed to be bragging for looking se_xy when na_ked, denied hooking ladies for businessmen.

She added the writer into the ‘Yummy mummies’ group where the reporter received threats.

“I remember posing for nu_de photographs long back and I want to believe the photographs were posted by my ex-lover, it is obvious that he did it since I broke up with him,” said Leila.

“I am not insane to post nu_de photographs on WhatsApp groups, handizi hure ini.

“I do not hook ladies for men as alleged, how can I do that? To gain what? Ivo vachibatirwa varume kuti imhuka here,” said Leila before adding this writer into the notorious Yummy Mummies group to be insulted by the ladies.

Among the ladies who threatened the writer were Isheanesu Chirashi, Mellisa Makoma and Farai Matiringe who claimed to be Leila’s advisors.

The ladies demanded evidence of the photograph posted and names of the ladies complaining about their men.

However, a woman activist called H-Metro complaining about Leila’s behaviour saying she has been warned several times over posting the photographs and is not taking heed.
Whatsapp Drama ... Woman Shares PUNANI Pictures Of Woman Chasing After Her Husband
“I feel Leila’s behaviour is posing negative examples to many innocent girls of her age by posting nu_de photographs to men,” she said.

“She is making herself available for exploitation by men and I feel as a woman for us to progress, we need to watch what we do and how we present ourselves to others because that’s the only way we can be respected,” she added.

Source: H Metro

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