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US Presidential Elections Postmortem ... Did Prophet TB Joshua Really Miss It On Donald Trump?

When TB Joshua ’s prophecy of a Hillary win failed to materialize, many hailed him a false prophet. His subsequent attempt to explain what ...

When TB Joshua’s prophecy of a Hillary win failed to materialize, many hailed him a false prophet. His subsequent attempt to explain what went wrong brought more ridicule than the failed prophecy itself.

Speaking to The Guardian, a Nigerian newspaper, he offered this explanation:

Thousands of people who heard my prophecy prayed to God, they fasted and prayed that God should change the prophecy. That a prophecy was disclosed and did not come to pass does not mean that it is not authentic.

Many, including supporters, thought that was a hard sell which would do nothing to restore whatever prophetic credibility he had.

But did Joshua really miss it? Can shift happen to prophetic outcomes when God’s people pray? Does prayer affect deliberations in the High Courts of Heaven to such a degree?

Apparently so. The video clip below speaks to that issue. It is part of a message delivered by American missionary and prophetic evangelist David Herzog in San Diego ,California on October 28, 2016.

This was ten days before Mr Trump was declared the winner of US Presidential elections.

The message is Herzog’s but the editing is mine. Hopefully we can gain an insight into some of the unseen spiritual dynamics that go into shaping a national event of this magnitude.

The big takeaway for me personally is that no prophetic word involving humans is set in stone. This is because humans have the capability of repenting and appealing against a divine decision.

Our prayer can prevail to the extent that Almighty God has to change His Mind and alter the verdict of a previous judgment made in the Courts of Heaven.


As the nation of Zimbabwe gears towards its 2018 Presidential elections, the role of the church has never been more critical. The church has more clout in the spirit realm that we sometimes realize.

The church can turn the tide of any national event by a spiritually informed appeal to the Supreme Court of the universe.

But we need all hands on deck if 2018 is to yield something different from what we have seen in the past. We need every apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher to pull their spiritual weight.

We need to pull our weight and not pull rank or throw our weight around at each other in a spiritually nauseating game of ministerial one upmanship. This is not the time for foolishness. Too much is at stake in the realm of the spirit.

Prayers, revelations and insights of spiritual leaders at home as well as in the diaspora must be enlisted. What revelations are the prophets seeing in the spirit? What strategies are the apostles downloading from heaven?
US Presidential Elections Postmortem ... Did Prophet TB Joshua Really Miss It On Donald Trump?
What gathering, shepherding and instructional insights do our evangelists, pastors and teachers have that will take us from the land of “Not Enough” to the land of “More Than Enough”? Whither to now Zimbabwe?

All this can be done without the church getting mired in petty partisan politics. Our goal is the replacement of crookedness in government with righteousness. Not the promotion of partisanship or the exacerbation of tribalism and racism.

Our people are tired of the dog-eat-dog politics. We have had enough of the corruption, cronyism, factionalism and downright incompetence that has characterized this political dispensation. It must now be dispensed with.

We need a new deal. We deserve better.

There is no reason why, on God’s green earth, in a country blessed with abundant natural and human resources anyone should go hungry. Or university graduates sell candy on the street for a living. Pathetic and totally unacceptable.

We have world-class businessmen domiciled outside Zimbabwe and creating jobs and wealth for their host countries. They were hounded out of their own nation by political hounds who pretend to care for the people when their primary motive is to line up their pockets with ill-gotten gain.

These same hounds and hucksters appropriate for themselves that which should benefit the rest of the populace.

The diamonds of Marange have come and now almost gone without any significant development of the area. Will the thieves ever be brought to book?

The church in Zimbabwe must go to Court of Heaven and plead the nation’s case before the Chief Justice. Thankfully Heaven’s Court system is rigged in the church’s favor. The Chief Justice is our Father and the Defense Lawyer is His Son, who also happens to be our big Brother,

Yes its pure nepotism, but you have yours of the impure type. And yes someone is going to get “nikuv-ed” in 2018 except this time around it won’t be Christians!

We have an abundance of Presidential candidates running in 2018. Among them are fraudsters and hucksters. They need to be exposed so that we know who is who in the zoo before we start voting.

We are going to settle for nothing less than righteous government.
We are tired of n’ganga nemasvikiro sitting in Parliament and deliberating our collective destiny as a nation. Vemadhimoni nevemweya yemidzimu rwendo runo hamukwani.

Now it’s time for the Blood-bought, Spirit-filled, Bible-believing church of God to rise, step up to the plate and take the bull by the horns, and make this basket case become the breadbasket once again.

Bishop Dave Chikosi is a founding apostle, pastor, father, theologian, author, entrepreneur and television personality. His book, writings and video messages can be accessed on various web platforms such as YouTube. He can be reached by email at