Saturday, 15 April 2017

Thigh Vendor STABBED By RIVAL For Being A Better Twerker

Talk of occupational hazards! A Bulawayo prostitute was stabbed by her associate for hogging the limelight with her dances distracting customers from noticing other hookers at 13th Bar in Luveve.

It is alleged that one Thabisani Sibanda approached Roselyne Chelela and warned her not to dance too much because all men would go for her and leave other hookers dry.

For messing with the local leadership, Chelela found it worthwhile to leave the bar for Club Royale. However, while there she bumped into Sibanda again who was not impressed.
Thigh Vendor STABBED By RIVAL For Being A Better Twerker
Sibanda blocked Chelela on her way to the bar area to buy a drink but because Chelela didn’t want trouble she apologised for hogging the limelight at the first club. However, Sibanda didn’t accept the apology and followed Chelela to the toilet where she attacked her.

After the attack Chelela was rushed to Mpilo hospital and Sibanda was arrested. Appearing before magistrate Tinashe Tashaya a witness gave an account of what happened.

When Chelela took to the stand she narrated how she was beaten up.

“Your worship, she started to pull my hair and then used an empty bottle to assault me on the head, left shoulder, neck and back,” she said.

Sibanda was sentenced to 210 hours of community service.

Source: BMetro

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