Thursday, 13 April 2017

Shocking - Man Carefully Slices Rattlesnake Tail To Discover What’s Inside.

Some parents thrive when it comes to doing school projects with their kids. When Lincoln Markham came home from Endeavor Elementary School in Kaysville, Utah, he told his dad Daniel his school project was to make a poster with the findings of a question he wanted answered.

His question: What's inside different sports balls? "Rather than having him simply research on the Internet and print out pictures, I decided to buy some different sports balls and cut them in half so he could have them on his poster board," Daniel said. The creative dad recorded the video of his son project and posted on YouTube.

What followed was a YouTube channel titled "What's Inside?" with over four million subscribers where a wasp's nest, a WWF wrestling belt, Sophie the Giraffe, water filter, and a punching bag are opened in half to discover the insides.

Their latest quest was to find out what's inside a rattlesnake rattle.

The tail at the end contains the rattle used to warn predators by tail rattling up to 50 times per second.
Shocking - Man Carefully Slices Rattlesnake Tail To Discover What’s Inside.
The snake can rattle its tail for upwards of three hours.

It's easy to assume there is something within the tip of the tail that makes it produce that noise.

That is why the father and son duo knew this was going to be their next project.

Daniel ordered the snake's tail online.

The family doesn't recommend viewers try their experiments at home.

"We cut things open so you don't have to," is the motto Lincoln and Daniel go by.

The father used an X-facto knife to cut the rattle right through the middle.

The shell is actually hard to puncture through.

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