Thursday, 20 April 2017

‘SAA’ Painfully Shuts Down Bonang Matheba In One Tweet

Her boyfriend, AKA, lied to her after all – the airline just ‘proved’ to Bonang the world is not hers.

Model and TV presenter Bonang Matheba has again taken to Twitter to complain about SAA’s services, but was met with a response that has landed her on to the trends list.

“We don’t like the couscous. Also that meal with the stew. Please hey. Also the funny cheese platter what what. Please,” she tweeted SAA. Shortly after that, a Twitter account with the handle @FlySAA_Care responded to Bonang with the most unexpected answer.
‘SAA’ Painfully Shuts Down Bonang Matheba In One Tweet

In this case, “the customer is always right” rule did not apply, as FlySAA told Bonang that she only spoke for herself as its other customers enjoyed the same meals she had complained about.

“Hi, please note that other passengers enjoyed the meals,” it said, with a response that left Bonang unhappy.

She told the airline it should have apologised instead of responding like that, further calling it a “trash airline”.

Twitter was left divided over who was wrong – with some slating the airline for being “unprofessional” and others commending it for giving zero ‘f*cks’ about the issue.

Those who supported it said it could not please everyone and Bonang should have complained in person after being served the meal instead of using her celebrity status to get what she wanted.

However, there were a few who said the response did not actually come from an official FlySAA Twitter account. The account in question doesn’t have many followers, but it is very active (clearly regularly promotes SAA as a brand) and has been going since September last year.

These were some of the reactions:

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