Saturday, 29 April 2017

Prophet Makandiwa's UFI Choir’s Production Par Excellence

The UFI Church Choir’s latest album, launched a few weeks ago, proves that with professionalism, local music can go places.

The launch was a double affair, as the choir unveiled the 12-track album in both audio and video. While the quality of both projects are top-notch, it is the video that has captured the imagination.

The worship songs on the DVD capture the heart and sound of UFI Church Choir, and the recording was done expertly —especially on the sound and picture quality.

In many cases, local live recordings either have poor sound or picture quality — or both.
 Prophet Makandiwa's UFI Choir’s Production Par Excellence
But in the case of UFI Church Choir, the DVD album proves that a lot of work was done to ensure it meets international standards.

The live recording was done at Life Haven, where people from around the word visit for quite moments of reflection in prayer and supplication.

The DVD is full of life and credit should also go to UFIC’s Christtv which captured the live recording.

The choir, made up of more than 600 members, was elegantly dressed in black and white, with various accessories. Groups of ten take turns to belt out the tunes. The lyrics are spot on, relating messages of God’s holiness as they they blend well with the instruments.

Some of the songs to look out for are “Thank You Lord”, “Show me a Sign”, “Most High”, “Mbiri Kuna Jesu”, “Mutsvene Muriishe” and “Holy Spirit”.

UFI Church Choir has done several other live DVDs but the latest one shows they are improving with each effort.

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