Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Pokello, Elikem slay At Ghana Music Awards

A handful of years back they stole the show from winners at the Ghana Music Awards when Elikem went on bended knee to propose to Pokello, stunning onlookers.

A few years down the line the couple went to their favourite hunting ground to hunt more fame, snapshots, oooo’s and aaaaaah’s when they again appeared as a united force at the same event in Accra early this month.
Fashion Slayers ... Pokello and Elikem 
The two, made famous Big Brother Africa, where they ignited a fairy-tale romance which lived on after the lights died down, captured the attention of attendees by their staying power and their fashion sense.

And how could they go wrong with Pokello being and fashionista socialite and Elikem a fashion designer par excellence? Stunning and dressed to kill in deep and subtle black combinations, the pair proved that black will always be the new black!

If anybody thought it wouldn’t last well they were wrong and evidently it certainly has. And as their relationship grows, so too obviously does their use of amazing outfits to cement a growing sense of being the god and goddess of fashion on the mother continent.

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