Friday, 21 April 2017

Old Man Killed Whilst Having PUNANI In The Bush

This could make a manuscript for a Danielle Steel novel because the mere mention of a man found dead and na_ked in a bushy area with se_men all over his private parts sends chills down the spine.

Silvanus Muchorani (63) of Lwendulu Village in Hwange was found stark na_ked in a bush, near Cinderella Water tank, by a passerby, one Ngonidzashe Nkomo of Cinderella suburb on a Sunday morning a fortnight ago.

Now residents suspect he could have been killed while having se_x and there’s strong word that he was having an affair with an unnamed married woman.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Eglon Nkala confirmed the incident that police are treating as “suspected murder with evidence of foul play.”
Old Man Killed Whilst Having PUNANI In The Bush ...
“The body was ferried to Hwange Colliery Hospital mortuary for post mortem,” said Asst Insp Nkala.

Muchorani was employed by Zimnat Life Assurance as an agent in Hwange.

A resident, Matewu Sibanda said Muchorani’s body was found by Nkomo on his way to church.

“He stumbled on the na_ked body on his way to church for a morning prayer session in a bushy area near Cinderella Water tank. The body lay on top of a long-sleeved pinkish shirt. He had dry se_men on his ge_nitals with froth coming out of his mouth.

“He had injuries on the hands and black socks were also found near the deceased’s body,” he said.

Sibanda said it is also suspected that Muchorani was robbed of some groceries he had purchased because a receipt was found on him.

“A receipt of goods worth $35 from OK Supermarket Hwange was found in his shirt pocket but nothing on the list was found on him. Some money was also found in the same shirt pocket,” he said.

Residents said they suspect Muchorani could have been strangled although no struggle marks were observed at the scene.

It is alleged that Muchorani’s wife revealed that her husband had left home the previous morning going to work.

“He neither returned home nor communicated with his wife during that day.”

His cellphone was not recovered.

Source: B Metro

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