Thursday, 20 April 2017

Married Nurses Caught Offside Up In Cheating Storm

Two Harare Central Hospital married nurses’ illicit affair came to light following the discovery of WhatsApp love messages by the female nurse’s husband on Monday.

Tsitsi Darare, 33, who made headlines in 2013 for cheating with a medical doctor, is at it again, this time with a married nurse Tafadzwa Jackson.Their workplace romance came to light after Tsitsi’s husband, only identified as Baba Ruth caught her chatting with Jackson and grabbed the mobile phone and went through their conversations.

Baba Ruth disclosed to H-Metro that he has lost patience with Tsitsi forcing him to engage her parents over her behaviour given that she once cheated with a medical doctor in 2013.

“I want to believe that Tsitsi’s behaviour is almost similar to a whore because this is not her first time to cheat, she was published in newspapers in 2013 over cheating with a married doctor,” said Baba Ruth.
Married Nurses Caught Offside Up In Cheating Storm
“She was chatting with Jackson while I was seated in the room, imagine, atotindivara nechipfambi yavanhundira mutsime inosvibisa panoiraramisa.

“When other nurses will be busy treating patients, Tsitsi and Jackson will be busy salivating to have sex, that is what I read from their conversations, she asked him for time to have se_x.

“I have lost patience with this woman and my worry is about our kids and I considered their fate when I decided to forgive Tsitsi on the first incident.

“Her parents were not home when I took my kids there to have a meeting because I discovered from the messages that Tsitsi’s young sister is aware of the illicit affair and Jackson visits their house.

“To make matters worse she pretends to be an ardent follower of Christianity and attends church services every week unaware that she is a whore who cannot get sexual satisfaction from one man,” he said in the company of his two kids.

He showed H-Metro more photographs of Tsitsi partying with men in Chitungwiza.

Contacted for comment, Tsitsi denied cheating with Jackson despite the messages caught blaming Baba Ruth for cheating first.

“I sent love messages to Jackson I work with not that I am in love with him, ini ndikati kwamuri I love you does that mean we are in love,” said Tsitsi.

“He confronted me over the messages and I explained to him that I am not in love with Jackson but he failed to understand it.

“As for the photographs he showed you those are my classmates and we were having fun not that there is one I am in an affair with.

“Please do not publish that story. It is better for me to bring another story of my husband cheating with a lady because he wants to fix me,” said Tsitsi.

Tsitsi’s mother Mai Darare confirmed the mishap urging Baba Ruth to resolve his differences with Tsitsi amicably.

“Tsitsi’s husband came here but could not see me since I was attending a funeral but I urge him to resolve his differences with Tsitsi amicably,” said Mai Darare.

“I heard that he has packed his belongings and left the house but he has to remember that tomorrow he will be together with his wife and kids,” she added.

Efforts to reach Jackson were fruitless as his mobile went unanswered by the time of going to print.
Source: H Metro

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