Thursday, 20 April 2017

Lovebirds Caught Making Love In Public Toilets At Eastgate Mall

Two lovebirds were yesterday caught by security personnel having se_x in an Eastgate movie house toilet in Harare.

The couple, only identified as Lora and Nox, were said to have decided to quench their se_xual appetite at Eastgate along Robert Mugabe Way, in the ladies toilet.

Nox and his lover denied using the ladies toilet as their love nest despite being caught by the security personnel. When H-Metro arrived at the scene, the two were still detained and being quizzed by the security personnel on what they were doing in the toilet.

“I talked to the girl, but she denied the act saying she is on her menstrual period and had gone to change her pads in the ladies room. She said her boyfriend had gone to buy her pads and brought them, but decided to wait for her while she changed. I called a female employee so that she could go and check if she was telling the truth, but she (Lora) refused.
Lovebirds Caught Making Love In Public Toilets At Eastgate Mall
Lora was heard begging the security personnel to let her go saying:

“Please, can you let me go because you have already humiliated me. If I don’t get home in time my mother would be hospitalized because of her ill-health. It is now late and she is expecting me home. Please I am begging you. I have to go home,” she said. Nox on the other hand, could not shed more light on what had transpired, but said nothing happened while they were inside.

“This guy is overzealous and I don’t know why he is behaving in that manner because nothing happened. He even beat me so that I could admit, but all I can say is that nothing happened,” he said. When H-Metro left, the two were being taken to police by one of the security personnel.

Source: H Metro

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