Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Breaking News - Gweru Man Fatally Stabs Ex-Wife

A 26-YEAR-OLD Gweru man allegedly fatally stabbed his 22-year-old ex-wife several times yesterday in Mkoba 14 suburb after dragging her out of her family house.

The incident which is now the talk of Gweru occurred at around 5:20AM yesterday when the suspected murderer Dignity Masvimbo of Harben Park suburb, Gweru, dragged his ex-wife Oripa Mashayamombe from the house and stabbed her several times in the neck, abdomen, head and arms and she died on the spot.

Masvimbo is on the run after the murder of the woman he allegedly impregnated when she was in Form Two.

The two later married but the woman returned to her parents’ home last November because she could not stand Masvimbo’s abuse.

When The Chronicle news crew arrived at the scene at around 8.30AM, the body which was covered with a blanket was still lying in a pool of blood. Police took the body to the mortuary at around 11.30AM.

There were signs at the scene that the woman struggled with her attacker before her death.
Breaking News - Gweru Man Fatally Stabs Ex-Wife
According to Oripa’s mother, Mrs Alice Mashayamombe, a vegetable vendor at Kudzanayi Bus Terminus market, Masvimbo pounced on her daughter like an animal after she had just left her house for the market.

A grief stricken Mrs Mashayamombe who was crying during the interview said Masvimbo who knew that she goes to the market early everyday, pounced on her daughter when she had left.

She said as she was leaving, Oripa followed her wanting to say something but she ignored her as she was running late for the market.

“Oripa my daughter is dead, she has been killed by Digy (Dignity), my daughter oohhhh,” cried Mrs Mashayamombe uncontrollably.

Mashayamombe said they reported the murder to the police and Masvimbo was still on the run.

Oripa’s grandmother, who is blind, said as soon as Mrs Mashayamombe left the house, she heard voices outside before she asked Oripa what was happening.

“Oripa said it was baba Natasha (Masvimbo) before I knew it she ran back inside the house. I woke up, went to investigate before I got hold of Oripa who was also grabbing my hand while trying to fight off Masvimbo who was dragging her outside. Masvimbo then shoved me off and I fell to the ground. I screamed for assistance but none of our neighbours responded and before I knew it, my granddaughter was dead,” said the grandmother.

An eyewitness Brandon Mudari said he saw the pair fighting but ignored them as he felt he could not interfere in a matter involving a married couple.

He said before he reached the house where he was going, he saw the same man who had been fighting with the woman running past him, laughing.

Efforts to get a comment from the acting Midlands provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende were fruitless.

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