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Between A Rock and A Hard Place ... Andy Muridzo In Trouble

The adage “between a rock and a hard place”, is often abused by writers and speakers alike – but right now it rings true for budding artist...

The adage “between a rock and a hard place”, is often abused by writers and speakers alike – but right now it rings true for budding artiste, Andy Muridzo.

The young multi-talented artiste could not have picked a most inappropriate time to join perceived nemesis Jah Prayzah’s camp – it has left him floating in the middle, an orphan of sorts, with no home crowd.

To put things into perspective – what Muridzo did is tantamount to a star Dynamos FC player leaving to join Caps United.

Dynamos supporters will desert him, even hate him for the move while that same player may not get the full embrace of the Caps United loyalists who may not trust him. That player will have no diehard fans. So, that has been the case with Muridzo.
Between A Rock and A Hard Place ... Andy Muridzo In Trouble
He has shown himself to have no character, to be an opportunist, who by his own admission wants Jah Prayzah to “take him abroad”.

His album launch at the 7 Arts Theatre in Avondale was snubbed by music fans, leaving him with a handful invited guests, most of them JahJP” Prayzah apologists, who were there for JP not for him.

The same thing is happening to his music. Unless Muridzo has an ace up his sleeve, a grand scheme – his career is in trouble.

Muridzo failed to realise that most people that were pushing his music were doing so because they wanted him to compete with Jah Prayzah, even do better. He did not see that there were people that were willing to sacrifice an arm and a leg just to put him ahead. Instead Jah Prayzah saw that and made the first move.

Now, the trouble is his music has no parent, it has no takers, his own supporters rather former avid followers have lost the vibe they had, the enthusiasm that drove them.

On the other hand – JP’s supporters, who never wanted to see him (Andy Muridzo) do better than their star anyway, are relieved that he is now a sidekick and to rub salt to injury – they do not even support his music or career.

On his new album – most just skip all other tracks and listen to the song that features Jah Prayzah.

On that track, which is one of the best numbers on the effort, Muridzo was completely overshadowed by an on fire JP, who again appears to be the only one who knew what was at stake.

From the opening verse JP just grabbed the microphone and ran away with it – Muridzo played catch up but never really managed to reach the bar set by his idol.

However, considering that the album is not what critics would call junk – Muridzo has a chance to maximise on JP’s fan base, which besides having gone down considerably still only plays second fiddle to Winky D’s Magafa/Ninjas.

And Muridzo should make sure he brings his “A” game to the stage all the time. He must always deliver the goods to show everyone that he is his own man.

This album is decent – hopefully it does the magic and sees at least one side of the music fans that have shunned Muridzo retrace their steps back to him and fill up his shows.

Hopefully the DJs on radio and in clubs will not discriminate on this very talented artiste based on his decisions. There are too few stars in Zimbabwe – if natural talents like Muridzo come through the ranks – it will increase competition locally, forcing everyone to up their game.

This will see more collaborations with regional and international acts. That way – Zimbabwe’s music will be played to more audiences and our artistes will get better recognition. These home grown singers will in turn bring back what they will have learnt out there and impart it on other locally-based arts players.

Indeed Andy Muridzo and his handlers find themselves in delicate situation – but when caught between hellfire with the devil or drowning in deep waters; what does a man do? What will Andy Muridzo do? Only time will tell.

Source: Sunday Mail