Saturday, 29 April 2017

Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti Launches 113th Book At 94

Founder of Zaoga Foward in Faith, Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti launched six books last Saturday, bringing his total publications to a staggering 113.

The numbers become more stunning considering that he will be turning 94 years old next month. The launch was held at Deeper Life Conference at the church’s Bible school venue. Amongst the recently-launched books are ‘True Grace and False Grace’, ‘Sabbath is a day for resting?’, ‘Various Ways, Various Times’, ‘Tsamba dzemazuva gumi dzegore negore’, ‘Girls Fellowship’ and ‘Families Builder Ministry Manual Volume One’ which he wrote with his wife, Prophetess Eunor Guti.

In addition to the collection was a book written by his son, Dr Ezekiel Guti Jnr titled ‘The Man Who Defied Condition’. Achbishop Guti has written 11 books since the beginning of this year with a promise of more to follow in the next three months.

Wendy Gwata Religion Writer
The Sunday Mail Religion got the opportunity to talk to Archbishop Guti and understand how he has remained as fit as a fiddle at his age. He also remains focused and persistent in writing. “I wrote the book ‘True Grace and False Grace’ in three nights,” he said.

He said the book, being his main focus, came as a special request from some of his followers in America who wanted to know the true meaning of grace. “There were people from America who asked me to write about grace, cheap grace and true grace. So I had to write this book. “We fear God, we have to set a scripture to find the true grace of God. That is the purpose of this book,” he added.
Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti Launches 113th Book At 94
He further disclosed that cheap grace is that which comes with sin, in which people can do anything, sexually engage with women or men and still preach the word. His books have a biblical foundation, Archbishop Guti quotes scriptures to support his revelations. However, it’s amazing how the archbishop has managed to achieve so much as an author considering that he has denied the use of computers, preferring to stick to his pen and paper.

According to Mr James Sithole, the Ezekiel Guti Evangelistic Association (EGEA) publication director, Archbishop Guti sticks to his principles. “The Apostle write books the old fashioned way, that is using his own writing in a counter book until the book is completed. Apostle Guti doesn’t use computers even though at one time software which would have made it easier for him was purchased. “With that type of software, you just speak and it translates the words into writing. But he flatly refused to use it,” Mr Sithole said.

He assists Archbishop Guti through typing the books and checking for mistakes. “His aim in doing this is for his children to “hear” their father speak through the books,” Mr Sithole said. However, even more interesting is the fact that he has managed to keep his first Bible since 1983.

According to Mr Sithole, the Bible bear markings of the journey of his ministry. “The Bible is now old and by constantly putting new covers on it, he tries to keep it in good shape. The marked and highlighted verses in the Bible are a reflection of his Christian journey,” Mr Sithole said.

Every day, Archbishop Guti sits quietly in his room and meditates on the Bible as he writes. He quotes a scripture and follows it with a statement. Born on May 5 1923, Archbishop Guti founded Zaoga FIF on May 12, 1960. The ministry is now established in more than 135 nations around the globe.

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