Thursday, 13 April 2017

Andy Muridzo Hits Back At Beverly Sibanda

Andy Muridzo, the man allegedly responsible for Beverly Sibanda’s pregnancy, appears to be in a celebratory mode after the controversial dancer sensationally claimed she had suffered a miscarriage last week.

The Dherira hit-maker, who had always denied being responsible for Bev’s pregnancy saying the dancer was out to tarnish his image, took to social media to post a video with his wife – Chido Manyange – as if to spite Bev.

In the video where he is captured with a beaming smile passionately kissing his wife who is popularly known as Mai Keketso, Andy calls Bev a hater who is bent on soiling his flourishing marriage.

Muridzo also thanked fans for popularising his ‘yekedero’ chant.
Andy Muridzo Hits Back At Beverly Sibanda
“I’d like to thank people for making the chant Yekedero a national anthem. Even those who hate us (in apparent reference to Bev) have made it popular.

“All we can say is that we love each other and we don’t care about what people say,” before signing off the video with a kiss.

Thereafter, fans gave their two cents on the matter with most saying the Military Touch Movement artiste had learnt his lesson and needed to stop growing a big head and focus on his career and family.
Jackie Napanashe Rhatisai said: “Akazodzidza. Zvemabhebhi hazvibhadare (He’s learnt his lesson that having girlfriends doesn’t benefit him at all).”

However, fans took time to scrutinise the video and realised that there was a slight resemblance between Mai Keketso and Bev. Some said before watching the video, they thought it was Bev on the teaser.

Bee Tee Shawneewah wrote: “Thought it was Bev. Wow!! Andy has the same taste, Mai Keketso and Bev look alike.” The Chronicle

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