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Afro-Jazz Star Dereck Mpofu - The Artist Behind The ‘Unonaka Iwe’ Viral Song Speaks Out

Afro-Jazz Dereck Mpofu has cleared the air on his hit song “Mari” which has drawn some se_xual connotations from his listeners. Though the song is called Mari listeners have called it Unonoka iwe owing to the dominant words in the song. 

And the connotations have been made worse by “someone who edited the song and created a shortened version just titled ‘unonaka’”

In an interview with H-Metro Dereck reiterated that the song is purely about money and how it (money) makes everyone happy.

“We now live in a world of conspiracy theories. Behind every story there seems to be a story. However, on this one I am sorry to disappoint many people as there is no story. Mari as aptly named, is a song about money. Mari inonaka everyone knows that. However, people have their own way of interpreting songs. That’s why having fans entails. However, I do blame the one person who cut the song into a shortened version without the flesh. The se_xual connotations, if there are any could have come from that. But there is definitely no reference to any person famous or obscure, living or dead, relative or stranger. 

I only know it has gone viral on whatsapp in a new shortened format which only contains the part ‘unonaka iwe’ I don’t know who shortened it and their purpose. That version kind of loses the song in translations as to what I referred to that is so delicious. Did I mean sadza, chips, God or life? Well I am here to set the record straight, in that I clearly referred to money. Tese tinoziva kuti hapana chinonaka semari especially kana wanga wakabroker wongoiwana,” said the singer, who is also anti-litter and water conservation goodwill ambassador.
Afro-Jazz Star Dereck Mpofu - The Artist Behind The ‘unonaka iwe’ viral song speaks out
Some of the lyrics to the song go like “unonaka iwe, unonaka iwe, newakaa. Simudza ruoko kana wakatengesa maphone, kurembera pakombi, kucrossa kuyenda Joni, kutsvaga chero coin,” further revealing the meaning of the song Dereck said Mari or Unonaka iwe or Ncwakaaaa as some people are now calling it, is a beautiful song that celebrates the hustling nature of Zimbabweans and the world in general.

“I wrote it to celebrate hard work. Money makes the world go round as the old age adage says, so on the song I look at the effect of the absences of money in society, that is hard times and also I focus on the effects of its abundant presence which makes one rich. I focus on the lengths, both literal and euphemistic that people are prepared to go in order to acquire this very elusive resource. That’s why the song carries a somber mood at the beginning when speaking of the scarcity of money and a joyous Unonaka iwe, when there is an inference to how we feel when it is around

On the name which fans are now calling Unonaka iwe when its rightful name is Mari, Dereck said “I don’t blame people. I think that’s the catchiest line on the song and I understand the obsession with that line given the fun around it and it rolls off the tongue easy. I remember Tongai Moyo’s Murozvi Mukuru up to now is known and often times referred to as Samanyemba because of the constant repetition of the same. Fans shall be fans and are allowed to name songs according to hoe they feel and Mari is the same. But it goes without saying the official title of the song is Mari whether one decides to refer to it as Unonaka or Ncwakaaaa

Source: H Metro

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