Tuesday, 18 April 2017

A Must Read ... Ladies ... The 7 Things You Should Never Do To Please Your Man

Love, they say is blind but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a white cane.

Being blind doesn’t mean you fall at the least step, at least you should be able to tell when the terrain is not conducive and not to walk straight into a ditch.

Sometimes, when women are in love, they do all sort of things just to please their men and at the long run, it comes back to bite them in the back.

By: Kwaku Darko
As a woman, you should think about your future with him and what his next actions might be and not succumb to anything he proposes that will endanger or ruin your relationship with him and here are a few you should take note of.
1. Have A Threesome: No matter how hard he convinces you, never agree to have a threesome with him and his friend, even if he’s married to you. Unless you’re just in for fun and not really interested in staying around because if you really want to stay around, then you should know he will one day make a case out of it and it doesn’t matter how much you think he loves you. Another thing that could make such an adventure dangerous is that you’re likely to enjoy his friend more than him and not only will it confuse you, you’re likely to cheat with his friend from time to time and even if you don’t, he will still suspect you. His mind will not rest and so would yours.

2. Pay The Bride Price: Marriage is a good thing. It is not a bad idea to help the man settle some of the bride-price if you think you can help. But to take the full responsibility and pay for everything is a no! no!!. You shouldn’t try no matter how much you love him. From the way men are created, we have some kind of ego that propels us to be responsible and so the moment you take that away, you make us feel vulnerable. It doesn’t matter whether you all came to an agreement that you will handle all the bills, later in life, he will use it against you and this can affect your decision making because the slightest suggestion you make that doesn’t go well with him, he might take it as because you paid for the bride price so you think you have authority over him and by the way, it is “Bride Price” not “Groom Price”. Unless of course, your tradition is into polyandry
A Must Read ... Ladies ... The 7 Things You Should Never Do To Please Your Man
3. Sleep With His Boss To Get Him A Job: It doesn’t matter how difficult life is for him and how you wish well for him, no matter the situation, never ever in your life try to sleep with someone to get your man a job, if he finds out later, he’s gone and he wouldn’t even see that you did it for him. Even if he doesn’t leave, it is going to be a thorn in your flesh.

4. Sleep With Older Men To Pay His School Fees Or Rent: Life sometimes gets difficult, especially when you realize he’s trying very hard to better his future and you really want to be of help but you don’t have the means, never in any situation try to sleep with other men to use it to help him because if he gets to find out later in life that you did that, even if he’s married to you, he’s likely to drop you like a hot coal.

5. Giving Him All The Details Of Your Past Life: It is not a bad idea letting him in on some of your past life but men believe it will later come to bite him in the back, but it is important to spare him the details. No matter how hard he pressures you, never reveal to him how your Ex was good in this or that when it comes to sex because it can make him lose his confidence and he’s likely never to trust you.

6. Taking Naked Pictures Of You: So lately, this has become a trend where at the least request women send in their naked pictures or allow their men to take naked pictures of them all in the name of love. As the saying goes, “No condition is permanent” and so the relationship can go south and when bitterness sets in you should know anything can happen. Don’t do it even if he’s your husband, it is even a sign of disrespect if he asks you to do that.

7. Sex tape: Never in any way agree to have a sex tape with him no matter what or even send him a video of you touching yourself. There are a million and one reasons to not do this which we need not explain.

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