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Revealed At Last ... The True Names Of Zimbabwe’s Celebrities

It is a worldwide phenomenon that celebrities shy away from their real names, preferring to use stage titles. For those unfortunate to have...

It is a worldwide phenomenon that celebrities shy away from their real names, preferring to use stage titles. For those unfortunate to have departed early, fans may have never known their heroes’ real names.

While a number of explanations have been given, observers believe that real names might be unattractive for their music or act while others have different explanations.

On the world stage, think of American rapper, record producer and actor Sean John Combs, known by his stage names Puff Daddy or P Diddy, Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus (Jr) and Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent.

Winky D: Back home, many identify Wallace Chirimuko as Winky D, Mukudzei Mukombe as Jah Prayzah, Obey Makamure as Tocky Vibes, Soul Jah Love real name Saul Musaka and Tawanda Mumanyi as Seh Calaz.
Revealed At Last ... The True Names Of Zimbabwe’s Celebrities
NewsDay takes a closer look at these personalities including the departed musicians, actors and others to reveal their names.

John Nyamukokoko: Few musical followers would know who John Nyamukokoko was.

Born February 17, 1957 Nyamukokoko is actually the late legendary musician John Chibadura, who can be described as one of the best sungura and reggae artistes to come out of Zimbabwe. He is one musician who earned himself several nicknames during his career.

He was to use the name John Chibadura during his entire music career, a name that became a household name earned after his ability and prowess to play the lead guitar.

To many, he was also popularly known as Mr Chitungwiza for being the first musician to own a house in the dormitory town at a time when he was basking in the glory of his career.

Chibadura’s music, as he led Tembo Brothers before his death at the age of 42 in August 1999, was a blend of sungura, jiti, rhumba and reggae.

Kwangwari Gwaindepi: Another music luminary Kwangwari Gwaindepi earned his music greatness on the stage as Leonard “Musoro weNyoka” Dembo. The Barura Express founder was born on February 6, 1959 in Chivi, Masvingo and died on April 9 1996 at the age of 37.

Dembo composed some of the greatest love songs to come out of Zimbabwe, while his guitar playing prowess remains etched at the top of the country’s musical history.

Fanuel Nyasha Tazvida: Well known on the local showbiz scene as System Tazvida, the musician was born Fanuel Nyasha Tazvida on May 2, 1968, in Chitungwiza.

The musician was best known for his hit songs Anodyiwa Haataure and Mushandi Ndimambo. However, it was his 1993 hit Rudo Tsika Nemagariro that propelled him to stardom.

During his heyday, System Tazvida played with various bands including Khiama Boys, before he formed his own Chazezesa Challengers.

He died on February 4, 1999.

Mhosva Marasha: The late Bhundu Boys front man was known as Biggie Tembo yet the musician was born Mhosva Marasha in Chinhoyi on September 30, 1958. He was later baptised as Rodwell.

Biggie Tembo committed suicide on July 30 1995.

Godfrey Mhere: The name Gede Mwana Gede is well known on the local showbiz scene as that of a talented dancer, who was a marvel to watch on stage during Ngwenya Brothers shows in the 1990s. The man became known by his stage name Gede Mwana Gede, although his real name is Godfrey Mhere.

Safirio Madzikatire: The name Mukadota is among the most popular names on the local showbiz scene, mainly in television circles.

Mukadota was a multi-talented artiste, who is considered one of the best comedians and musicians ever to emerge from the country.

He rose to prominence in the early 1980s when he starred as Mukadota in The Mukadota Family, a Shona drama broadcast on ZTV.
Although he was well known by his stage name, the legendary comedian was born Safirio Madzikatire in Rusape and grew up in one of the country’s oldest suburbs Mbare, where he was educated and trained as a carpenter.

Mukadota started his artistic journey in the 1940s, when he was still a pupil at Chitsere Primary School in Mbare, Harare.He is best known for his talent of mixing humour and music on stage. His songs KwaHanyani and Usandisiye became instant hits.Mukadota died in 1996 after a short illness.

Mai Rwizi and Katarina: For those who followed Mukadota, they would agree that it would not be fair not to mention his “partners in crime”, actresses, Mai Rwizi and Katarina.

Their pseudo-names are popular to many who followed local dramas, but not many know the former was born Susan Chenjerai and the latter Elizabeth Taderera.

Mai Rwizi’s natural flair on stage, before making her big break on TV, made her an instant hit with the audience.

Philip Gadzikwa Mushangwe: Many people are not familiar with the name, Philip Gadzikwa Mushangwe, but this is the name of that hilarious fellow, who, was popular on local television in the 1990s as Paraffin.

Emegy Sylvester Chizanga: To many he is known as Freeman or Dancehall Doctor, but the award-winning chanter’s real name is Emegy Sylvester Chizanga.

According to the musician, he got the nickname from his schoolmates in Bindura when he played football, he always found space on the football pitch, and he would shout “free man” so they could pass the ball to him and he has embraced the name since then.

Simon Shumba: If one shouts the name Simon Shumba, many might fail to relate, but the man can be easily identified by his stage name Mutirowafanza.

Lazarus Boora: Another legend when it comes to entertaining people is the award-winning actor popularly known to many as Gringo. He hogged the limelight in 1997 as the main character in Enock Chihombori’s drama series, Gringo. The actor’s real name is Lazarus Boora.

He was born on October 18 1973 in Rukweza village, Nyanga.

Another musician who is currently riding high on the showbiz scene is Jah Prayzah, but who is known to his parents as Mukudzei Mukombe.

Junior Lizzy Zinhu: Popular pole dancer, Beverly Sibanda is well known on the showbiz scene to many by her stage name. The self-proclaimed queen of dance was born Junior Lizzy Zinhu on April 3, 1991 in the dormitory town of Chitungwiza.

Source: Newsday