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Prophet Passion Java’s World CONTINUES To Crumble As House up for grabs

A house and an unserviced stand belonging to Prophet Passion Java of Passion Java Ministries are up for grabs after they were attached to r...

A house and an unserviced stand belonging to Prophet Passion Java of Passion Java Ministries are up for grabs after they were attached to recover a US$37 500 debt owed to ViewSat Limited, a United Kingdom based broadcasting firm.

Launched in 2006, ViewSat is one of the fastest-growing operators within the global broadcast and transmission services industry for television and radio channels.

ViewSat is understood to have provided 24-hour services, including live broadcasts of sermons, to Kingdom Television (KTV), which is owned by Prophet Java.

Tariro Charandura Religion Writer
However, the prophet failed to make the payments. He is said to be languishing in debt.

To cover the debt, Prophet Passion’s house and an unserviced stand – both in Kadoma – are now going under the hammer.

The house is situated in Kadoma’s Morningside suburb while the stand is in Blue Ranges.

Last week, The Sunday Mail Religion established that the house has been pegged at a minimum price of US$27 000 while the unserviced stand is attracting not less than US$10 000.

The stand measures 1350m2.

A Leyland truck, public address system and chairs have also been attached to settle ViewSat’s debt.

A source close to the goings-on said, “Both the house and the unserviced land are already up for bidding. The house in Morningside has been pegged at US$27 000 and above while the stand is going for anything from US$10 000”.

Bids were still being accepted as of last week, indicating that the properties were yet to get a buyer.

The properties were attached in January this year and were due to be auctioned on February 3, 2017. Another advert was run on Valentine’s Day.

Sources at Kingdom Embassy say the charismatic preacher has hit hard times.

“lf he still had money as he claims, surely he could have blocked the sale of the properties by making arrangements with ViewSat Limited.

“Now that he has let the property go, one wonders what he remains with,” said the source.

Reports say that he was recently booted out of his Borrowdale Brooke lodgings after failing to pay his rentals.

Efforts to get a comment from Prophet Passion were fruitless as his mobile phone was unreachable.

The man of cloth is believed to be currently residing in Ethiopia at his in-laws’ place.

He is married to Ethiopian beauty, Lily Tsegaye, after divorcing his first wife, Yasmin, in 2015 under unclear circumstances.

Tsegaye is believed to have sponsored some of the ministry’s needs as well as the couple’s lavish wedding.

The prophet was married to Yasmin for four years and their son – Uebert – is named after his spiritual father, Prophet Uebert Angel. However, the two prophets are reported to have had a fall out.