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President Robert Mugabe's Secret Revealed At Last ... Why President Mugabe Does Not Die ...

February 21 of 2017 sees  Zimbabwean   President Robert Mugabe  turn 93 years of age. He has lived as much as he has died, with fake news...

February 21 of 2017 sees Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe turn 93 years of age.

He has lived as much as he has died, with fake news sites and the grapevine ‘killing’ him at least once a year most usually in January when he is on annual holiday.

Some have given up and since stopped the art of killing him, while H.E always giggles at his annual deaths saying he has bettered Christ by resurrecting more times than the messiah.

This year he died fewer times in January than he usually does in other years.

But the reason behind his longevity may just be behind that very reaction to something that may leave other people flustered; the Presidential Giggle.

President Mugabe is known as a witty person who finds pleasure at cracking a joke as much as he’s a spirited laugher.

Whether he is sitting behind a monarch in the mold of Queen Elizabeth II or enjoying a light moment with former South African president Thabo Mbeki, H.E is a sucker for the full hearted unbridled laugh.

And science has made strides to linking laughing and cracking jokes to long life and amazing physical stamina.

“Research is showing that laughter and humour can have a positive effect on health and longevity. Just how is not clear, but studies are throwing up some clues. Happiness and laughter have been shown to increase natural killer cell activity in blood and free radical-scavenging capacity in saliva, as well as lowering levels of the stress hormone cortisol.”

“It is also thought that laughter causes the release of special neurotransmitter substances in the brain, endorphins, that help control pain. And there are more direct physical effects of laughter, including increased breathing, more oxygen use, and higher heart rate,” says a paper by Japan's Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine.
President Robert Mugabe Laughs
While H.E enjoys himself a hearty laugh, he has also been known for cracking rib shattering jokes as well and could be a candidate for an award in the best comedy section.

So perhaps the best way forward would be to take a cue from the number one citizen and laugh a little, laugh a lot and we may all be agile 93-year-olds one day.

As HE likes to say to cap his laughing whether genuine or rhetorical, we say Happy Birthday and indeed-“seka zvako mwana wa Bona!”
President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe