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Judas Files Reveals Robert Mukondiwa’s Resilience

“My parents taught me to fight and that one is never entitled to favours so I made it a point that I would publish the book against all odd...

“My parents taught me to fight and that one is never entitled to favours so I made it a point that I would publish the book against all odds and it is only best that I dedicate this nomination to my dad who passed away last year as well as my mother, who shall make the trip to Harare for the awards gala,” said journalist-cum-author, Robert Mukondiwa.

Mukondiwa’s book, Judas Files, was nominated in the Outstanding Fiction category for the NAMA’s alongside ‘Latter Rain’ by Phillip K. Chidavaenzi and ‘Whose Land is it Anyway’ by Benjamin S. Sibanda.

Mukondiwa said the nomination is proof that nothing can keep a good product down despite the challenges faced in putting it together.

“In the same year my father died, I went on to lose my aunt, my mother’s elder sister before my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks later, so it would have been the worst year of my life. But I chose to do this and put more effort as a tribute to the fighting spirit my parents has instilled in me.

“My tears come from the fact that my father failed to live to see the ultimate product and this humbling nomination by NAMA, but I am sure he would be proud after seeing how hard I had worked on this,” revealed Mukondiwa.

After his mother’s mastectomy, the removal of an entire breast as a means to curb the growth and spread of breast cancer, Mukondiwa says his book has become her pride and joy and something she would read in the time she was recovering.

He says some of the funds from book sales helped cover some of the small bill aiding his mother’s recovery as well as the help of close friends and work mates.

“She loves it and is going to be in Harare just to support the nomination along with a whole contingent of the family. 20 have requested that we buy them tickets, so it shall be a mad family get together. Funny enough the people who have supported the book in the media are far removed from colleagues and supposedly close friends, which is evidence that those who wish you well are anyone but the people you would expect to support you,” he added.

The book, which consists of 15 short stories mostly set in Zimbabwe, critiques Zimbabwe’s socio-political situations.

Stories include ‘State Of The Nation’, ‘Terry Masuku Is Dead?’, ‘The Assistant’, ‘Doggy Bag Diplomacy’ and ‘Chasing Polaris’.
Judas Files Reveals Robert Mukondiwa’s Resilience
“I look forward to a great life as a novel writer with my next dream being to pen a full length novel. With the right resources and frame of mind, that should be a reality within the next year. Preliminary work with a potential taker for the book-a local publisher-are already underway,” said Mukondiwa.